Screen Shot 2018 08 24 at 3.37.11 PM - Feature: Garth Cheese- The Stylish Chef @thestylishchef

Feature: Garth Cheese- The Stylish Chef @thestylishchef

Garth Cheese was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in a Caribbean household where his grandmother introduced him to cooking. In 2013, he launched his own catering company.

In addition to that, he focuses his time as personal chef and building his brand – “The Stylish Chef,” a combination of food, fashion and fitness.

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This summer , Garth started The Stylish Chef Children’s Summer Culinary Camp for kids and a Back to School drive.

Recently, YRB asked Garth Cheese, 10 questions to define The Stylish Chef.

YRB: What made you decide to incorporate fashion with your cooking skills?

Garth Cheese: I’ve always been into fashion since I was teen. Wanted all the latest “gear” and from a young age I’ve always cooked and plated my dishes to look fashionable and stylish because when we go out to eat and order food we tend to take pictures of the dish and that’s because it looks nice and stylish so it’s only right that I combine the two.

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YRB: Do you believe the fashion-aspect of your branding has helped you stand out as a chef?

Garth Cheese: Most definitely! The attention to detail that I have fashionably translates to my creativity to my dishes and vice versa.

YRB:  When did you know you wanted to be in the culinary industry and what led to that decision?

Garth Cheese: I actually didn’t even know I wanted to be in the culinary industry. A friend of mine in high school convinced me to go to sign up for cooking classes because as he put it “there will be a lot of chicks in the class”. I guess he told every guy in the school because there weren’t any girls at all in my class and I ended up paying attention and I got really into it at the age of 15.

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YRB: How would you describe your fashion sense?

Garth Cheese: My fashion sense can be described as Tailored to fit as well as bold. I haven’t quite gone “edgy” yet but more so bold.

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YRB: Is their a particular designer you favor?

Garth Cheese: So much to list but my top 3 favorites are

Tom Ford, ASOS, Maison Margiela.

YRB:. During your catering of special events, have you ever made a fashion inspired food menu?

Garth Cheese:  Fashion Inspired? I haven’t, however I do plate and “style” my dishes according to the event!

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YRB:  What would you say is your go-to dish?

Garth Cheese: ”Go to dish” seems so limited at times. I’m always trying to create new dishes and infuse my Caribbean heritage with new trends. So I don’t have a “Go To” however I do love to work with seafood. They say there are plenty of fish in the sea and that is so true!

YRB:  If you could sit down and have a fashion conversation with anyone in the industry, who would it be and why?

Garth Cheese: Oh man, that’s a long list for me, but on the celebrity side it would come down to Kanye and Rihanna. Those two are bold and pull of some styles only they can pull off and I admire that. On the Designer side Tom Ford. So neat, stylish and tailored!

YRB: Where do you see your brand growing in the next five years?

Garth Cheese: Nationally Known, an household name and brand. From television to print. Knives and Pot sets I even want to get a collection of Ascots.


YRB:  What is your take on the state of fashion today?

Garth Cheese: My take on the fashion industry today is more so a question. Where as the individuality gone? Seems like everyone is just following what’s hot and no one is standing out as much as before.


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