Exclusive YRB Interview With The Cast Of ‘Madagascar 3’

The animated series Madagascar is back with it’s third installment, Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted.  The 3D animated comedy takes place in Europe as the  hilarious animals find themselves across the pond and tapping into their inner love for circus performance. Madagascar 3 stars Ben Stiller, Chris Rock and David Schwimmer. sat down with two other Madagascar  3 cast members,  Jada Pinkett Smith and Cedric The Entertainer. We talked to them about their third round experience in making the comedic film.

YRB: Jada tell us about channeling your inner animal.

Jada Smith: Well you know the inner hippo in me, you know, this is our third installment so it’s like putting on an old jacket, shirt, or a pair of old slippers that you are just very familiar with. So it’s not difficult at all.

YRB: Do you feel restrained when making an animated film like this? Or do you feel like you have more room to improvise?

Cedric: Because the animations are locked into the characters, they will allow the comics to go a little bit crazy. The producers had to learn this the hard way because you can’t really control Sacha Baron Cohen [laugh] and then they mix me and Chris Rock into this thing and there is just no stopping us. But they did allow us to improv more and I think that you can definitely see it in my character especially with the facial expressions and the dance moves. When I see my character, I’m like  “those are my moves right there, I might have to get that patent” [laughs].

YRB: So Jada, do you give pointers as to how your dance moves should be?

Jada Smith: No. I mean…

Question: When they give you, or do you have a certain strategy around your moves?

Jada Smith: No. You know it’s funny because while we are actually recording they have a video recorder, and they are actually recording us while we are doing the voices. And so whatever movements that we are doing at that that time, they actually use that in the films. So whether it’s facial expressions, or actual physical movements, or what have you. So that’s always interesting to see their interpretation of what you’ve done.

Question: At least they haven’t made you wear the suit. You know those suits with the little…

Jada Smith: Oh yeah. No, didn’t have to wear that this time. That was for the Matrix, but not for this.

YRB: Is it easier being in a studio talking to a microphone, than it is being on set as an actress acting in a regular film?

Jada Smith: You know it’s not actually. It’s difficult when it’s just you and a microphone because you are so used to interacting with other actors, you know? And yes, it can be challenging because you are there alone all of the time, and so you don’t know…you know the directors tell you, “Oh, you know, Chris did this.” Or, “David did this, and we would love for you to try and do that.” But you really don’t have a reality on what it is. You know.

YRB: Cedric, some time ago Jada Pinkett mentioned that the stand up comics had an advantage over the other actors when it came to making the film. She believes comedians are used to being alone, which helps during the creation process of the fim, is this true?

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