IMG 0991 620x330 - Event Recap: Rémy Martin Producers Series: Season 2 @Wyclef @Remyproducers @IamPoint1 @Wyclef  @cthagod @remymartinUS

Event Recap: Rémy Martin Producers Series: Season 2 @Wyclef @Remyproducers @IamPoint1 @Wyclef @cthagod @remymartinUS

 On July 9, 2016 , YRB attended Rémy Martin Presents “The Producers Series: Season 2” qualifying event at Tao Downtown in New York City. Headlined by Producer Extraordinaire andd former YRB Cover  Wyclef Jean, hosted by Power 105.1/The Breakfast Club star, Rémy Martin Ambassador Charlamagne Tha God, and featuring DJ Rey-Mo, from start to finish, this weekend’s

The format of “The Producers Series,” typically, only includes a quick interview with the super producer, a “tech talk” breaking down one of the producers’ most famous tracks, and then the one round producer competition.

IMG 00361 540x360 - Event Recap: Rémy Martin Producers Series: Season 2 @Wyclef @Remyproducers @IamPoint1 @Wyclef  @cthagod @remymartinUS


Well, Wyclef took it to a whole-nutha level! From “doors,” as guests entered Tao Downtown, they were treated to Clef, on his bass guitar, battling DJ Rey-Mo as he spun. Clef continued by dropping jewels of wisdom steeped in his nearly 30-year career, as he chopped it up with Char. During his “tech talk,” he broke down multiple diamond hits including “Killing Him Softly” and “My Love is Your Love.” Additionally, responding to calls from the crowd, Wyclef showed up a “fan” claiming to have bars, but ended up coking TWICE; and gave an impromptu mini-concert; all for the capacity crowd.

This week’s “Season 2” qualifying round didn’t disappoint either. Competing up-and-coming producers JL BeatsPoint 1 and Rizz Beats battled it out for the second semi-finalist position.

IMG 0209 540x360 - Event Recap: Rémy Martin Producers Series: Season 2 @Wyclef @Remyproducers @IamPoint1 @Wyclef  @cthagod @remymartinUS

For the first time in the series, two of the producers ended up in a in a double tiebreaker–JL Beats and Point 1–with Point 1 proving to be the crowd, the judges, and Wyclef’s favorite moving on to the September finale. On the spot, Clef offered to buy Point 1’s winning track.

20160709 175106 540x303 - Event Recap: Rémy Martin Producers Series: Season 2 @Wyclef @Remyproducers @IamPoint1 @Wyclef  @cthagod @remymartinUS

IMG 0265 540x360 - Event Recap: Rémy Martin Producers Series: Season 2 @Wyclef @Remyproducers @IamPoint1 @Wyclef  @cthagod @remymartinUS


Next up on the Rémy Martin Presents “The Producers Series: Season 2″: the series heads to Boston for the next qualifier, Monday, July 25.This season Rémy Producers expanded the series into Boston and Philadelphia; the Philly event will be held in August. Season 2 finale will be held in New York City in September.


Photo Credit: Rafael Fondeur

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