Event Recap: Pride Lunch & Tour with Jordan Roth at Museum of Arts and Design (MAD)

On June 3, 2024, YRB attended an exclusive luncheon where Jordan Roth was guest of honor at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) in New York City.

Hosted by Chair Emerita Barbara Tober and Director Tim Rodgers, the event celebrated two exhibitions now on display:

OUT of the Jewelry Box: 56 works on loan from The Porter Price Collection feature wearable art from the queer perspective exploring themes including AIDS, closetedness, and identity.

“This art is designed to make us think differently about what jewelry can be, and appreciate queerness from perspectives we don’t usually see.” said MAD Curator Elissa Auther

“This collection is the first of its kind in this gallery, as it was worn and given by two gay men, Ron Porter and Joe Price.”

Identity Is…, the coat designed by Michael Sylvan Robinson for Jordan Roth to wear at the 2021 Met Gala, featuring queer imagery and texts sewn together currently displayed in the Barbara Tober Grand Atrium.

“The coat is hand stitched into a collage with pieces of art and fragments of Jordan’s writing” said Michael.

“We are conditioned to think of art as only that which is framed or put on a pedestal – some art is worn, some art is hung on the ear or the neck.”, noted Jordan, “What you all do here at MAD, with curatorial rigor, a platform so we can see the art we don’t always understand as art.”

“Pride has always been an integral part of this museum,” said Barbara Tober, longtime friend of Jordan’s mother, Daryl Roth, and now of him, “and it is our honor to be able to celebrate it here”.


Tim Rodgers added “Craft has always been intertwined with the queer community, and it is important to celebrate that. As a gay man who has been out throughout his career, it is a pleasure to lead this institution.”

Guests included MAD Board Chair Michele Cohen, as well as Bjorn Amelan and Bill Jones, Frederick Anderson, Mickey Boardman, Louis Bofferding, Randall Bourscheidt, Ron Chereskin, Dan Clay (A.K.A Carrie Dragshaw), Jamie deRoy, Lee Fryd, Kelly Graham and Will Fleming, Alvin Hall, David Hochberg, Tony Ingrao, Richie Jackson, Paolo Martino and Frank Riti, Bob Morris, Michael Musto, Tinu Naija, Wang Newton, Cheryl Riley, Scott Rothkopf, Sophie Sumner, Bronson Van Wyck, and MAD Curators Elissa Auther and Barbara Paris Gifford.

Photos by: Patrick McMullan/PMC

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