headphones for haiti copy - Event Recap MONSTER Presents "HEADPHONES FOR HAITI" @MonsterProducts #headphonesforhaiti

Event Recap MONSTER Presents “HEADPHONES FOR HAITI” @MonsterProducts #headphonesforhaiti

Monster, the world leader in high-performance personal audio,  announced the launch of a creative new charitable initiative, “Headphones for Haiti,” to benefit the people, economy, and arts community of the Caribbean nation. This initiative is aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship within the arts and culture community of Haiti and help spur job creation and improve the quality of life as Haiti continues to rebuild from the devastating earthquake of January 2010. Monster’s “Headphones for Haiti” campaign will also serve as a way to generate positive awareness about the art, culture and people of Haiti.

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To kick off the initiative, the company teamed up with the Enigma Performing Arts Center of Haiti (EPAC HAITI), for a unique “Headphones for Haiti” fundraising event.  Monster donated 100 pairs of its Inspiration™ headphones to be used as “blank canvases” that have been hand-painted by ten renowned Haitian Master Painters, including Joseph Eddy Pierre, whose renowned mixed media works, focusing on trans-cultural experiences, are in great demand at galleries worldwide and Frantz Zephirin, St. Jean Saint Juste, Richard Barbot, Mario Benjamin, Patricia Brintle, Joseph Eddy Pierre, Yael Talleyrand, Pascal Merisier aka “Pasko”, Levoy exil, Harold Dessalines, Pascale Monnin, Philippe Dodard and Patrick Ganthier aka “Killy”.

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Each Haitian Master Painter was given ten Monster headphones, which they transformed into unique, personalized works of art. Ten of the hand-painted headphones also had accompanying canvas paintings by the artists, and were auctioned at a celebratory launch event in New York City on June 25, 2014.  The additional hand-painted headphone creations were auctioned on eBay from June 25 to July 1, 2014. All money raised at both the New York silent auction and the online auction will be used to help fund construction of the major new EPAC HAITI performing arts center. The “Headphones for Haiti” project is part of Monster Cares™, Monster’s charitable division that was created to support local charities with education, music, sports and technology.

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Head of Monster, Noel Lee noted:  “The people of Haiti continue to show their strength of purpose and resilience and are rebuilding their country’s economy, infrastructure and arts community.  Monster is proud to help support this rebirth – especially in the artistic community. As a country steeped in art and culture, where four out of every sixteen citizens are artists it was an obvious choice to donate 100 Monster Inspiration headphones. We created this headphone out of a desire to help music lovers elevate both their listening experience and their self-expression, with an artistic and emotional signature that strives to allure, inspire, and mystify, while also offering truly great audio performance. We’re especially pleased and honored by the opportunity to donate our Inspiration headphones so they can be used by Haiti’s Master Painters to create pieces of art to help the people of Haiti, and to benefit an artistic project like EPAC HAITI, which is so important and vital to helping rebuild the country.”

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Photo Credit: Sherridon Poyer

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