A7A9635 570x330 - Event Recap: #DiwaliOnTheHudson 2016 @DesaiFoundation @1947BEER @BULLDOGGIN @DesiGalliNY @thekulfico

Event Recap: #DiwaliOnTheHudson 2016 @DesaiFoundation @1947BEER @BULLDOGGIN @DesiGalliNY @thekulfico

On October 26, 2016 the Desai Foundation held its third-annual Diwali on the Hudson benefit, which has become the premier Diwali party in New York City and a glamorous affair for the Indian diaspora community and beyond.

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The sold-out event was attended by 300 of New York’s movers, shakers, celebrities and business moguls, who — dressed for the occasion in elaborate East-West fusion style — came out ready to support the organization, which implements community development programs for women and children in the U.S. and India.

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Among the crowd were music luminaries DJ Logic, “Captain” Kirk Douglas of The Roots, internationally acclaimed singer Falu, and DJ Rekha.

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Designer Madhuri Parson was also in attendance, as well as revolutionary social entrepreneur, Kavitha Shukla. Nyla Rodgers, Founder and CEO of non-profit MAMA HOPE also came out to support the Desai Foundation, along with notable tech entrepreneurs Nihal Mehta of ENIAC Ventures, Anu Duggal of Female Founders Fund, Gary Sharma of GarysGuide and Elisa Miller-Out of Women 2.0.

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A7A9853 540x360 - Event Recap: #DiwaliOnTheHudson 2016 @DesaiFoundation @1947BEER @BULLDOGGIN @DesiGalliNY @thekulfico

Guests enjoyed a full open bar, courtesy of 1947 Lager, One Hope Wines, and Bulldog Gin. The popular East Village eatery Desi Galli provided a delicious Indian meal, including their fusion Desi Poutine, and  provided an array of uniquely-flavored Indian ice creams (called kulfis), and traditional Indian sweets were provided by Rajbhog Foods, Inc.

As with previous years, every dollar raised is going directly to Desai Foundation’s programs, which range from women’s vocational training to computer literacy programs to a science school for students.

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Diwali, the Hindu “Festival of Lights,” is an annual festival celebrated as a metaphorical embrace of light over dark and good over evil. It’s a fitting event for the Desai Foundation, which works to shed light on every woman and every child’s right to dream.

Photo credit: J’adore Andy Photography

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