Event Recap: Carmelo Anthony Launches Melo M8

Fans were excited to join Carmelo Anthony at House of Hoops in Harlem yesterday for the official worldwide launch of his new signature sneaker, the Melo M8. Legendary hip-hop star, Jadakiss, hosted the event while wearing a pair of the new creations; complimenting on the light weight and comfortability. Questions were sent via smartphone and asked by Kiss. One fan wrote in asking how the Melo M8s were different from the rest of Anthony’s and the Jordan Brand’s collaborative sneakers. Melo spoke about how his new sneaker were all about him and “catering to the game” this time around. The famous ball player also stressed the fact that he worked on the shoes since day one with lead designer Justin Taylor, from picking out the specific chrome blue patent leather to the cut of the shoe, etc.

The crowd was given the opportunity to ask questions which was quickly taken advantage of by the boy’s basketball team at Brooklyn’s Eagle Academy. After a couple of silly questions from the students, one being if the Jordan Brand and Anthony could set their championship winning team with equipment and gear, Kiss asked if someone had a “serious” question. A humble young star stood up with microphone in hand asking Anthony what his thoughts on the lockout were. Taken aback with what was asked, Anthony took a breath and simply stated, “My thing is, at the end of the day, you gotta be reasonable and understand both sides of the coin. We don’t want to change our system, but the owners want to change the system. Do I think it’s possible for all 30 teams to be competing at the same level? I don’t think so.”

A raffle was also taken place and three lucky fans walked out of the event with their own fresh pair of Melo M8s. For anybody else that wants to get their hands on Melo’s new sneakers, retail price is $135.

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Photos taken by: Angel Navedo

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