Event Recap: Brisk x Star Wars 24 Hour Pop-Up

Yesterday the Brisk Bodega brought together Star Wars and the arts with an exhibit featuring original artwork inspired by the light versus dark theme. From 3 to 6 pm the gallery was open to the public and they were given a chance to play Brisksaber for prizes. If they broke 1,000 points the prize was a lightsaber key chain and if the player scored over 1,500 they would win a Star Wars t-shirt. One of the highlights of the gallery was the original Yoda puppet from Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

After 6 pm the Brisk Bodega held a private invite-only opening event where DJ Just Blaze broke it down for the crowd until 11 pm.

To get a better grasp on what the artists were thinking when they were working on these pieces we caught up with Artek who had two pieces on display at the event.

“When they gave me the brief they asked me what I wanted to dark side or light side and since I was drawn in the middle, I kind of like to over deliver instead of over deliver, I decided to do both. For one I did ‘God Save The Queen,” because when I hear queen I always think about that, you know the Sex Pistols, that classic imagery. For the dark side I kind of gravitated towards that strong image of Darth Maul so I wanted to do both images.”

Artek not only contributed pieces to the gallery but he took part in a considerable amount of the visuals, helping with the creative design, posters, the website and the installation for the exterior of the event.

When asked what his background was he explained that he had always drawn but also dabbled in graffiti and typography, which was seen in his work for the event.

He is not only an artist but he is a business owner as well, running his very own graphic design company called Artek. If you are interested in inquiring about his work or if you just want to catch a glimpse of his portfolio go to





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