10601781 693301460755182 946090976 n 350x330 - Event Recap #AMP3pressday for Fall 2014 @AMP3pr @belacriacao @snowmannewyork @citizenciao @teessss @CatFootwear

Event Recap #AMP3pressday for Fall 2014 @AMP3pr @belacriacao @snowmannewyork @citizenciao @teessss @CatFootwear

On Wednesday August 27th, AMP3 PR hosted its “AMP3 Press Day” featuring five of their favorite fashion brands for Fall: Bela Cricao, Citizen Ciao, SNOWMAN New York, NOMAD by Tess Johnson and Cat Footwear. The open-house event showcased each brand’s latest Fall 2014 collection with a glimpse of what is coming for Holiday 2014 and Spring 2015.

Bela Criacao, Portuguese for “Beautiful Creations,” is a contemporary womenswear brand inspired by the sights, sounds, colors and culture of South America, and made in New York City. The body-concious brand is designed for a woman’s body, with separates and dresses that can be worn from day into night. The Fall 2014 collection has just launched at: www.belacriacao.com.

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Citizen Ciao is a lifestyle streetwear brand for men and women, inspired by the Southern California surf culture. The brand’s “citizens” have an urban attitude and are diverse and multicultural, hence the brand’s slogan, “the new surf.” This brand new urban-infused surf brand just launched in July, 2014 and is available now at: www.citizenciao.com.

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SNOWMAN is a New York City based premium down outerwear company for women that stands at the cross section of fashion and function. Snowman finds inspiration in the edge and flavor of the Big Apple’s urban landscape, and they use top quality materials to create fashionable silhouettes at a reasonable price point. SNOWMAN is sold in The Shop at Equinox among other New York boutiques, and can be seen at: www.snowmannewyork.com.

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NOMAD by Tess Johnson is a collection of designer backpacks born from unique prints, couture techniques and classic design. The fashionable NOMAD backpack comes with all kinds of functional features including: a separate space for your laptop and tablet, straps with two easy access pockets for your cell phone and metrocard, and interior circle pocket for keeping an umbrella or water bottle dry, and a matching internal pouch for your smaller items like your keys. The collection officially launches via Kickstarter on September 1st, and will be shipping in time for the Holiday 2014 travel season. For more info: www.tessjohnsondesign.com.

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Cat Footwear is the global footwear licensee of Caterpillar Inc. For over two decades, Cat Footwear has been designing and engineering quality footwear that lives up to the hard-working reputation of the Caterpillar brand. Rich in heritage, Cat began in the industrial work boot sector, and has since grown into fashionable lifestyle collections for urban, city-dwelling men and women. Today, Cat Footwear is sold in more than 140 countries worldwide, and can be found in all major NYC shoe boutiques including: Limelight Marketplace, Shoe Parlor, Shoegasm, Zacky’s, and Orva Shoes. To view the Fall 2014 collection, visit: www.CatFootwear.com.

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The AMP3 Press Day event was kindly sponsored with treats by Zico Coconut Water, Energems chocolate energy, Pretzel Crisps and Probelle nail polish.

Photo Credit: Peter Roessler Photography

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