Eva and Elizabeth: Artec scanners help create official commercial of #Bioshock Infinite @Artec3DScanners @IrrationalGames

Recently an Artec Eva 3D scanner was used to create and successfully bring to life Elizabeth, one of the main characters in Bioshock Infinite.


Despite the fact that the Bioshock Infinite is a first-person game, where Booker mainly performs all the action, Elizabeth, whose face you might see on giant billboards everywhere, is the female lead and the plot defining character. She is an immensely intelligent, highly emotional charming young lady that you can’t help but fall in love with.


Creating a 3D model of Elizabeth was a multi-stage process

Creating Elizabeth was a multi-stage process, where Artec 3D scanner Eva was used to create the 3D model of Elizabeth for its high production value television commercial and marketing campaign. Anna Moleva, a Russian cosplayer who endowed Elizabeth with her appearance in this commercial, was asked to express different emotions with her face. Each expression was precisely scanned and post-processed. The whole process of scanning and processing took 1 hour and then the 3D data was engaged in creating an official commercial of the game.

Artec, Bioshock scanning 1

Elizabeth’s emotional sensitivity, genuine gestures and phrases make you feel that she is a real human being. Artec scanners were used in this remarkable process of “3D magic”.

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