Screen Shot 2017 07 17 at 12.30.14 PM - DYNE Spring/ Summer 2018 Collection @dyne_life @christopherbevans  #UNITOFFORCE #nyfwm

DYNE Spring/ Summer 2018 Collection @dyne_life @christopherbevans #UNITOFFORCE #nyfwm

Dyne, from Greek, δύναμις, dynamis, meaning power, force.
>DYNE is here to empower a new transition for global apparel, created for the liminal world, and the demands of modern life. Liminal, meaning created to operate on both sides of every threshold, designed to break the barriers of fabric, fit and function.

Launched in 2015, DYNE returns this season to take Fabric, Fit, and Function on a new level. Proving that DYNE is much more than a brand but liminal solution for your world. Founded by Christopher Bevans, Creative Director and Designer of DYNE, Bevans had developed a reputation as an expert craftsman and tailor while working with top brands and organizations such as Adidas, Head (Tennis), Sean John, Ecko Cut & Sew, G.O.O.D. Music, the Smithsonian, New York Cosmos and the MacArthur Foundation. Bevans’ determination to reach new heights in fashion and technology are the results of his relentless work and education with fabrics and technique.

“It’s really everything about my love of sport, technology and fabrics coming all together in one brand,”

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This type of innovation is what Bevans explores with DYNE. Each garment is embedded with a quarter-sized chip with NFC or near-field communication technology — the same connectivity that powers mobile paying services like Apple Pay and Google Wallet — which is known to work faster than Bluetooth. With Dyne’s NFC-activated pieces, wearers can learn more about a garment using their phone, view look books and videos, plus listen to a playlist.

“We’re finding it very useful to communicate abroad with sales associates where English might not be their first language,”says Bevans, as Dyne’s biggest retail presence is currently in Japan.

For the new Spring/Summer 2018 DYNE collection, Bevans drew inspiration from the cross functional aspects of city/downtown active lifestyle and the multi-disciplinary activities of living in a municipality. The DYNE consumer is constantly exploring dynamic terrains, from the moment they wake up to bed, the stir of their lives from dealing with the melting pot and over population, to the amount of sensory overload that surrounds their day to day. DYNE is about a borderless, functional living, where many different platforms connecting. New pieces in the collection include Banneker One Piece, Roemer Stretch Packable Jacket, and Pisano Tech Pant.

DYNE was a concept that Bevans incubated for a while before he launched the line in late 2014. “It’s really everything about my love of sport, technology and fabrics coming all together in one brand,” he says. “I wanted to make clothes that are functional but still very tailored and stylish — and that you can still wear it out and still be on the pitch if you want to.”

What DYNE doesn’t want to be called is wearable tech, which is often thrown around constantly in this new technology driven marketplace.

“Wearable tech should seamlessly integrate in our lifestyle versus being an added feature that impedes your daily movements and things that you do,” says Bevans. “I see it as clothes becoming more intuitive to our surroundings, our wireless devices, our homes, our cars. We’re challenging textiles to become smarter. The time is right for us and what we’re doing.”

The new Spring/Summer DYNE collection launches on January 2018 at these premium retailers and on DYNE’ website DYNE.LIFE

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