Interactive Video copy - Dos Equis Interactive Masquarade @DosEquis @oculus #XXMasquerade

Dos Equis Interactive Masquarade @DosEquis @oculus #XXMasquerade

Dos Equis continues to push boundaries by creating innovative digital marketing campaigns that bring experiences to fans in a compelling way. The brand is always looking to offer consumers new and interesting ways to Stay Thirsty, especially around the Halloween season.

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Dos Equis has created two interactive digital experiences that bring fans 21+ into The Most Interesting Man’s Manor this Masquerade season. The breakthrough virtual reality experience, accessible via the Oculus Rift Dev Kit II or Samsung Gear VR (available this December), takes fans into a Masquerade as The Most Interesting Man’s guest of honor where they’ll encounter the unexpected and extraordinary.

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Furthermore, Dos Equis will be bringing the virtual reality experience to select bars and festivals across the U.S. this Halloween season beginning with bars are in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and New Orleans. Festivals will include Life is Beautiful, ALONE, Monster Bash and HARD Day of the Dead. The Dos Equis virtual reality experience is coming soon to the Oculus Rift store too. Dos Equis created a parallel experience for fans everywhere with a complimentary interactive digital video that lets fans help The Most Interesting Man find his “little black book” featuring several choices that give them control over the narrative with  a click of their mouse. 

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There are several endings to this video (based on which direction you actually take), but one specific ending will find the “little black book” that The Most Interesting Man is actually looking for. If users find this book, they’ll be entered into a drawing where 3 winners will meet The Most Interesting Man on November 22 in New Orleans at the Dos Equis Masquerade finale.

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