Do LaB: Lightning in a Bottle Festival

Quick- sack your plans for rooftop BBQ and beer this Memorial Day weekend, and move your soon-to-be-enlightened ass to Southern California. Sound good so far? It gets better. This weekend is the Do LaB’s 6th annual Lightning in a Bottle Festival; for four days and three nights, May 27-30, music, art and good green living come to Silverado, California creating an unparalleled festival experience ideal for the person who has graduated from hectic Coachella and unpredictable Burning Man.

There will be art installations and a mobile art gallery, yoga classes, dance classes, music by Pretty lights, Thievery Corporation, Beat’s Antique, Fool’s Gold and more, plus sustainability workshops, visionary speakers and live vaudeville which promise to inspire your mind, body and soul. The Do LaB’s mission is creating experience as art form and the festival will likely be a weekend to remember. You will return from the three-day revitalized, with a new life perspective, instead of with the usual hangover.

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