On July 28, 2011 a number of esteemed artists from the worlds of street art, photography, visual and graffiti will debut original works at the Wooster Street Social Club.  Square Enix Inc. has gathered the who’s who of the art world to create original pieces showcasing the future setting of the DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION game.  In the game the world is at a turning point due to cybernetic augmentation, dealing with the moral and ethical perils of artificial body modifications.   A few of the artists taking part in the project are Estevan Oriol a LA based photographer, Jorge Alderete a Mexio based artists known for his collection of contemporary and custom art and Sam Flores a graphic designer/street artist/fine artists hailing from San Francisco.  The exhibit will run for two weeks and all proceeds from the sale of the artwork will be put towards funding education in the arts.




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