Dawn Richard – “Save Me From U” #SMFU

In her first solo video Dawn Richard, of Danity Kane and Diddy’s Dirty Money, tells the story of a relationship where a lover who gives off the impression that they are a hero turns out to actually  be a villain. This is the first video from her solo project Goldenheart. The track was written by Grammy nominated producer and songwriters Druski and Carla Carter.
Dawn Richard x 1 e1325343617510 - Dawn Richard - "Save Me From U" #SMFU

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st - Dawn Richard - "Save Me From U" #SMFU

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  1. I love Dawn Richard! I’m so glad she’s finally launching a solo career & doing her own thing! It’s been very long anticipated little does Dawn know, she’s always had #HEARTS in her corner since day 1!!!!! 😀

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