Creating A Self Care Box For Tweens & Teens

It is easy to forget all of the trials and tribulations of coming up to being a teenager – but those can be some tough years! Everyone around you is growing and developing at different rates, friend groups are made and broken over minor things, and mental health is often forgotten.


A self-care box could also be a self-soothing box that they can go to when they need some help feeling good.


When we think about self-care, it can mean many different things to different people. For some, it is a few hours in silence; for others, it is a walk; and for some, it is a warm bath.


So while these suggestions are great as a starting point, you should add a couple of more personalized things.


Let’s look at some of the things you can pop into the box.

Cozy clothing

When we feel worried, sad, or have a lot going on, what we wear can have a big impact. Cozy, extra soft jumper, tween leggings, extra soft socks. Clothing that is soft can feel like a luxury – but can also soften us up too.


Colouring books and pens

No one is too old for coloring books and coloring pencils. They allow us to switch off and doddle – which is soothing for our minds. Add a few coloring books that are age-appropriate or at least that meet their general interests. And instead of putting bright colors in here, it might be a nice opportunity to add in some colors that are more pastel tones – and can read as more relaxing.



Sometimes when people feel bad, they won’t want to get clean in one go, so bath bombs and shower gels can feel like a lot. Instead, smaller things that can be used to help with personal hygiene are better. Hand soap, flavored toothpaste, dry shampoo, face wipes, and maybe just a small jar of bath oil – just in case.


These small items can make a big difference in how they feel.


Sleep aids

Older teens usually get plenty of sleep, but one of the signs that something is off is that they don’t get enough sleep. Sleep aids like caffeine-free tea can be great for any age group. Lavender tea, camomile tea, and other tea mixes can help you feel cool, calm, and relaxed enough to sleep.



There are so many online streaming options, but a couple offers movies out in the cinema, too, like Pathe. A voucher that will cover a movie rental is great. Or, enough to cover a pizza so they can enjoy it while watching their favorite shows at the end of the week can be great too!



Not everyone can sit down and write about their life unprompted – but several journals have some question prompts that might help people talk through some of what they are going through. It’s not just for traumatic times; journals can be great for future planning.


Children look to us to set expectations, and an example – one of the things that you can do is make sure that you are taking care of yourself too: How You Can Take Care of Yourself Everyday – YRB Magazine.

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