COVER STORY: The Secret is Out Austin Mahone by @DariusBaptist @AustinMahone

 Austin Mahone is a STAR!! At only eighteen years of age the talented singer has set his sights on success and isn’t looking back. Starting out posting videos of himself singing on YouTube, the San Antonio native has amassed a legion of over 21 million followers viaTwitter, Instagram, and Facebook. With the release of his latest EP The Secret, featuring the smash hit single “Mmm Yeah”, Austin Mahone is surely on the rise. I recently spoke with the young heartthrob to discuss music, fashion, fame, and the nonstop comparison to Bieber.


Darius: How’s your summer going since the release of The Secret?

Austin: It has been off to a great start. I’m currently in Europe doing promo, and I can’t wait to start my tour in July.

Darius: Of all the international places you’ve traveled so far, what has been your best place abroad?

Austin: I would have to say Italy was my favorite. The food there was amazing.

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Darius: Is it safe to say you’re a foodie?

Austin: Absolutely, I love to eat good food.

Darius: The Secret was pretty much entirely produced by hit maker RedOne, why the decision to solely work with him?

Austin: I trust his vision and as you said he’s a hit maker.

Darius: How would you describe your sound?

Austin: My sound is definitely Pop, but with a little R&B, and a bit of EDM mixed into it as well.


Darius: Would you say having a combination of different sounds is where music stands today?

Austin: I would say that it’s true for some artists, but not for everyone.

Darius: Do you have a favorite song on The Secret?

Austin: “The One I’ve Waited For” is one of my favorites. It’s a ballad, and means a lot to me.

Darius: A lot to you in what way? Is the song directed to anyone in particular?

Austin: Haha, I just think it’s a really good song. What are you getting at?

Darius: Well you know the public wants to know where you currently stand on the relationship end, are you single or in arelationship?

Austin: Let’s just say I am single. It is all about the music at this point.


Darius: What do you look for in a girl?

Austin: Because I travel so much, I would want a girl that appreciates the ability to travel and see the world, someone who doesn’t mind having to wake up at 4am to catch a flight.

Darius: Getting back to the music, some time ago we saw a pic of you, Justin Bieber, and Birdman in a recording studio, and now everyone wants to know if we will ever be graced with the sounds of that collaboration?

Austin: We worked well together in the studio but I’m not sure the song will ever come out. If it does it will be next year some time.

Darius: Are you over the Justin Bieber comparisons?

Austin: I understand where the comparisons come from, we both started out on YouTube, and we both sing and dance, but that is where it really ends. He’s a cool guy, but we are totally different people.

Darius: So often in Hollywood the media will build you up then jump at the chance to tear you down. How do you deal with the fact that there are naysayers waiting for you to fail?

Austin: I really don’t focus on that at all. There will always be the naysayers, but if you let them get into your mind it takes you off focus from what you need to be doing.


Darius: How do you stay grounded and so humble?

Austin: I have an awesome support system around me. My mom is always with me and I travel with my best friends. These are the people that were with me before all of this.

Darius: Why is touring so important to you?

Austin: It’s my chance to give back to my fans and connect with them. Seeing your fans’ faces as they sing your songs is one of the greatest experiences.

Darius: We know you’re a huge basketball fan, and you sang “The National Anthem” at the NBA Championship game. How excited were you when the Spurs won the championship?

Austin: I not only sang “The National Anthem”, but I did it in my hometown San Antonio. I had to represent where I’m from. The Spurs played great all season and they didn’t disappoint in the championship.


Darius: We pushed the limits with you just a touch for this photo shoot, but how would you describe your fashion style?

Austin: I love clothes. I’m open to try new things, take risks, and do different things.

Darius: Is there anything in particular you are drawn to when it comes to fashion?

Austin: I have a weakness for sneakers. I have over 300 pairs.

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Darius: Is music what you’ve always wanted to do?

Austin: Yes it is. I’m living my dream.

Darius: What motivates you?

Austin: The fans. I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for them.


Story by Darius Baptist

Photography by Miguel Starcevich

Grooming by Troy Peppin with Elan Management using Rene Furterer

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