Sarah Hyland BIG - Cover Story: Sarah Hyland

Cover Story: Sarah Hyland

Sarah: No, it was just another random one. Then my publicist and I loved it, but I’ve had that experience with a lot of things before.

Heather: I know, I always feel like whenever it’s that thing where I’m really a good fit it never ends up being it.

Sarah: I never try to do that to myself because I did that when I was younger. I would get so attached to something and I learned really quickly that you can’t put expectations on anything; you can’t go into an audition thinking, “I’m going to book this for sure.” I never give myself high expectations like that, and it’s the same with Emmys and Golden Globes. I always hope that we are going to win, but I never go in thinking, “Alright, we’ve got this in the bag.” If you go in thinking that you don’t have it, than when you do get it, it’s that much better.

Heather: Speaking of award shows, since you’ve been to several, how do you decide on your dress? Do you have a stylist? Do you picture what you want in your mind then say I definitely want to wear red or I definitely want to wear blue? How do you choose the dresses for those important nights?

Sarah: I have a stylist, but I usually wear stuff that I have in my mind already. And this past summer season I collaborated with Christian Siriano on a dress because I didn’t just want to pick out something because I had an image in my mind.

Heather: That must be fun. Are you good in heels or do you have to get a certain kind of shoe or designer that you like to know that you can last all night?

Sarah: I love the way that heels look, so I just suffer through it.

Heather: I definitely have 30 pairs of shoes that work really well for me, but then it’s like I’m crippled at the end of the night. No matter what, I can totally feel it.

Sarah: No matter what.

Heather: Well, good. I’m so glad I got to talk to you and thank you so much. I know how busy you guys are filming and I’ll be watching you. I’m so excited that everything is going so well for you and I look forward to watching your career, and hopefully, I’ll meet you when you come on Chelsea Lately.

Sarah: That’d be awesome. Yeah, absolutely, thank you.

Hyland 7 - Cover Story: Sarah Hyland

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  1. Sarah Hyland really is both an amazing actress and a down-to-earth person. I think it takes real strength to remain true to oneself and act.