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Paris Hilton has been making tabloid headlines for years, but now she’s ready to prove the dumb blonde girl act is gone and that her thirties are only making life that much sweeter.


Interview by Kathy Griffin Photography by Mike Ruiz

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The world knows about her stint in jail, her alleged drug possessions and the infamous sex tape. But dredging up that chapter in the life and times of Paris Hilton now is just as passé as muttering “That’s hot!” These days, the American socialite, heiress, mogul and actress is in a different space. On the brink of her new reality show, The World According to Paris, the media personality says she’s finally going to reveal what she’s really like. Recently turned 30, she claims she’s in a new place, more focused than ever and is set to take on more challenges.


Accepting the task of discussing this newfound take on life? None other than two-time Emmy-winning, New York Times bestselling author and seasoned comedienne Kathy Griffin. Known for being “harsh” on Paris in the past, these two ladies have since called a truce and are now even social – or, as Kathy would call it, “friends.”


The sharp-tongued entertainer, who recently made her Broadway debut in Kathy Griffin Wants a Tony, gets Paris to reveal how she lives eco-consciously, the new empires she has in the works and why she lives with no regrets.


Kathy: First off, I want to thank you for inviting me to your b-day party. I appreciate the fact that you have turned around about me and get that it’s all a joke.

Paris: That’s fine. Glad you came.


Kathy: What was it like having a birthday party with so many people and did you really eat the food that was there?

Paris: I enjoy having big parties and seeing people have a good time. The burgers, mac and cheese and everything else that was on the menu, I selected.


Kathy: How does it feel to be 30, since I’ll be turning that age in a few years?

Paris: Before I turned 30, I felt a little different. Now that I’m 30, I actually like it. I feel that I have accomplished a lot of things personally and professionally. Also, people say that your thirties are the best years of your life, so I’m excited.


Kathy: Since this is an eco-issue, how do you give back to the environment?

Paris: I always try to find ways to be more eco brand-conscious in my life and business. I recycle, I drive a hybrid car and I donate my clothes to less fortunate people. A lot of the packaging and materials used in my business are recyclable, and I’m always making a conscious effort to increase the percentage used.


Kathy: Do you feel you could increase your contribution in any way?

Paris: Definitely. I think you could always do more.


Kathy: I read somewhere that you and [boyfriend] Cy [Waits] want to start a family. If that happens, can I be the godmother? And how will you teach them to be environmentally friendly?

Paris: [Laughs] We will cross that bridge when it comes. As far as teaching them about the environment, I will let them know what we have done to harm it and why we need to preserve it as much as possible.


Kathy: Since this is a fashion issue as well, how would you describe your style?

Paris: I like to have fun. I try to be a risk taker. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.



Kathy: Are you still into pink, or is there another color grabbing your eye at the moment?

Paris: I will always love pink, but for spring I’m really into a lot of baby blue, yellow and pastel colors.


Kathy: I don’t know what the hell else you could make, but aside from your perfume, shoe and hair accessory lines, are there any other endeavors we should know about?

Paris: I have like 17 different product lines now, but I have sunglasses, handbags (which are currently sold overseas) and my website ParisHilton.com that’s next up for me.


Kathy: Holy crap! Why don’t you just stay in the middle and do belts?

Paris: Yeah, I have a lot going on.


Kathy: Besides me, have you ever had to just tell someone off?

Paris: [Laughs] Of course I have.


Kathy: How do you go about it?

Paris: People don’t know this, but I am really shy. Although I run a big business, things happen and I have to handle it. I’m not confrontational, so I would usually just send an email or text to the person. I love my BlackBerry for that.


Kathy: I’m talking to you from New York while I’m on Broadway for my new show, and I don’t know why I haven’t seen you in the audience. Please explain.

Paris: [Laughs] Because I’m scared of you. And I’m also busy recycling.


Kathy: What do you most want us to know about your new show, The World According to Paris?

Paris: This is different from anything I have ever done. The other shows I have done were me playing a character, and this is the first time you will get to see who I really am. I’m in a different place in my life, and I want people to see that.


Kathy: Do you think there are misconceptions of you in the media?

Paris: I think there are many, but what can you do about it? I try to live my life the best I can, and hopefully people see that.


Kathy: You once said you didn’t get this famous by being a stupid blonde, and you are absolutely right.

Paris: That was a character I was playing at the time, and that’s now over.


Kathy: We’re not gonna talk about Kim Kardashian, but I will ask if you have a feud with Bruce Jenner’s tracksuit and do you think it’s recyclable?

Paris: [Laughs] Does he even wear a tracksuit?


Kathy: Do you know everyone thinks you work at the hotels? Are you in a feud with the Radisson or Econo Lodge girls?

Paris: I get along with everyone.


Kathy: When you get up in the morning, what excites you?

Paris: I just love life and want to live it to the fullest. My father and grandfather instilled a strong work ethic in me.


Kathy: What do you think of people who come from money yet never really do anything? Do you ever wonder what they do all day?

Paris: I could never live my life like that. I don’t think you could be really happy because you never accomplished anything. I would be overly bored to live that kind of life.


Kathy: Do you have any regrets?

Paris: I try not to have regrets. Everything happens for a reason. Even with something bad, you learn the lesson from it and move on.


Kathy: Are you the type of friend that’s really there for someone when they’re going through something, and if so, what do you say to them?

Paris: I always try to be there for my friends and do whatever I can.


Kathy: Can they call you at two in the morning and get advice from you?

Paris: [Laughs] If my ringer is on, for sure.


Kathy: If you could not live in the U.S., where would you live?

Paris: I love London. The food, fashion and vibe of the city… I just love it there.


Kathy: If I came back and interviewed you 10 years from now, where do you see yourself?

Paris: I would, like, be married with kids, expanding my company with real estate and restaurants and doing more philanthropic work.


Kathy: Alright doll, I’m going to let you go now. You continue doing what you do, and I will catch up with you later.

Paris: Thanks, Kathy.


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