CONTEST: Samsung Galaxy Note II Giveaway for Mother’s Day! #moms #mothersday #contest #lifestyle

This Mother’s Day give your multi-tasking mom a device that allows her to easily manage her life as well as share with friends and family in a cinch courtesy of YRB

The Samsung Galaxy Note II allows mom to quickly handwrite notes using S Note and the device’s S Pen, as well as easily send videos, music and photos.



Mom can instantly share photos with her friends also using ShareShot with her Wi-Fi direct turned on, or search for and play video, photo, and music files freely across different devices using the device’s AllShare feature.

Mom will appreciate the Note II as her newest do-it-all companion this Mother’s Day.

YRB is giving one (1) lucky mom the Samsung Galaxy Note II in the carrier of her choice (pending availability) along with a brightly colored protective flip cover.


Mom will join celebrity Samsung Galaxy Note II fans Kim Kardashian Vanessa Hudgens & LeBron James


To win:

Simply leave a comment telling us why your Mom should have the Samsung Galaxy Note II.

Your mom will love you … and this amazing gift!

One lucky winner will win a device-The ultimate Mothers Day Gift!


The winner will be announced on May 12th at 3:00pm EST 


For more on the Samsung Galaxy Note II features, click here

Jonn Nubian

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  1. Because the iPhone is driving mom to drink. LOL and we can't have Mom drinkin' now can we???

  2. because my mom needs to step into the 21st century and quit writing notes to herself on scrap pieces of paper. if i could get her to figure out email on a device smaller than an old apple mac i would piss myself.

  3. My mom literally just told me that she wants this phone, so this giveaway is great timing! My mom is using a iPhone 3g right now, so I'd love to surprise her with this upgraded super cool phone. Thanks so much!

  4. My mom deserves the Samsung Galaxy Note because even now as adults my mom is still looking out for my brother and I.  She's the real deal.

  5. my mom needs this phone so she can stop using a flip phone and see pictures of her great grandchildren.

  6. My wife's been using my ancient cell phone (8 year old free phone from provider) for several years now while we're paying down loans.  She does a lot for the kids and works full-time.  I'd like to win her an upgrade. 

  7. I think my mom could really use this phone because she's still stuck on a "dumb" phone. She doesn't have a GPS and with driving my adopted brothers all around she's always needing to look things up on the go. She's a great mom and I really think she deserves a good phone 🙂

  8. I think that my mom would benefit with using the Samsung Galaxy Note II since the size of the screen is big enough that she doesn't need to have it so close to her face. When she's used my phone, she would often have difficulty navigating because she's not used to everything being tiny and would often 'click' the wrong link; the S pen would help her out tremendously with that problem.

  9. This would be for me. Love my boys and always put them first but would love something for me. If I’m picked thank you, if not congrats to whoever wins