conceptKorea ss2014 - Concept Korea #FW15 Collection @conceptkorea_kr @the_leyii @beyondcloset @sonjungwan00 #NYFW #MBFW

Concept Korea #FW15 Collection @conceptkorea_kr @the_leyii @beyondcloset @sonjungwan00 #NYFW #MBFW


The concept behind Beyond Closet’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection is “New Orange Boy,” which is a Korean term that was used to describe the excessive consumption of wealthy offspring in Gangham (Seoul’s most lavish neighborhood) in the 1990’s. This generation was notorious for their debaucherous ways and exorbitant purchases of luxury goods and vehicles. Beyond Closet reinvents this notion, contrary to the old “Orange Boy,” “New Orange Boy” represents the new generation of youth independent of family riches who strive to live their own lives.

LEYII by Seunghee Lee

LEYII’s Fall/Winter 2015 concept is “Pur-Ensemble,” which combines the word ‘Pur’ meaning pure and ‘Ensemble’ meaning to be in harmony.  LEYII’s pieces are an expression of her balance of construction, detail and fabric. Her Fall/Winter collection showcases LEYII’s contemporary and minimal sensibilities. 


Resurrection’s “New Post Punk” Fall/Winter 2015 collection emulates the designers’ unconventional sensibility. Resurrection makes a bold statement with her exquisite tailoring and juxtaposition of materials such as leather, fur, high-tech fabric and gold and black color blocking.

Concept Korea is a collaborative project to promote Korean fashion designers and assist them in their attempts to break into the U.S. fashion market.  Concept Korea is organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of The Republic of Korea and Korea Creative Contents Agency. Concept Korea bgan of 2010, and this F/W 2015 season marks the organization’s eleventh time showing at New York Fashion Week..


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