Comic Con NY Oct 13-16

Comic Con is right around the corner for New Yorkers! The first day is tomorrow, October 13th, from 4 to 7 o’clock. The line will be blocks down considering the line-up of entertainers that are listed to make an appearance at the event. Among those stars will be, Conan the Barbarian’s Jason Momoa, Saturday Night Live’s Fred Armisen, Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Seth Green and many more. The 4 day event is going to be packed with amazing exclusives like Kickstarter on Friday at 11 A.M. until 12 P.M. which gives fans the opportunity to share their ideas for new comics and graphic novels with major publishers. The speakers covering the session are Cindy Au, Jeremy Bastian, Jimmy Palmiotti, Joey Esposito, Renae DeLiz, and Thomas Negovan. For those that will be there on Saturday the 15th, make sure to attend Girls Kick Butt: Strong Female Heroines in Young Adult Fantasy which will be taking a closer look into the female protagonists in well-known graphic novels like the Iron Codex series, the Beka Cooper series, and Princess of Myth series. The session will be given Caitlin Kittredge, Esther Friesner, Kate Klimo, Tamora Pierce. There are plenty of more exciting panels, screenings and events that are going to be covered in this year’s Comic Con. Will you be attending?!

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