Chris Daughtry Helps Launch DC Comics’ “We Can Be Heroes” Campaign

According to Rolling Stone, Chris Daughtry didn’t just want to be a rock star when he was growing up. The former American Idol contestant grew fond of heroes such as Batman and Superman at an early age, and became a devout comic book fan. Daughtry’s career has come full circle, as the singer/songwriter announced a new venture with DC Comics titled “We Can Be Heroes,” a campaign meant to raise money for famine victims in the Horn of Africa.

For the campaign, Daughtry re-recorded his song “Rescue Me” from his new album Break the Spell. The track is available on iTunes now, and all proceeds go towards the campaign. Daughtry also worked on a sketch of Batman with comic book artist Jim Lee, and will debut the work at Comic-Con.

“I always tried to draw, so I became a fan of Jim Lee in high school and that was like the guy,” he told Rolling Stone.

For more info on We Can Be Heroes, check out the website and video below.


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