Champion Spirit: Austin”No Doubt”Trout

On Saturday night Austin "No Doubt" Trout stepped into the ring at famed arena Madison Square Garden to take on the biggest fight of his career. Up against four-time champion Miguel Cotto, Trout knew he was the underdog and was determined to come out on top. That drive,determination, and boxing skill led him to an unanimous victory. A few nights before the big fight we were invited to a private dinner held for the Light Middleweight WBA Champion at the upscale Courgette Restaurant & Bistro. We followed the prized fighter as he prepared for the dinner and discussed his take on the big match. We met up with "No Doubt" Trout at the Gansevoort Hotel, and here's what the New Mexico native had to say.

YRB: How important is this fight to you?

Trout: This is the most important fight of my life. This will be my graduation. The superstar fighter I want to become, the financial advantages, and all the other possibilities for me relies on the outcome of this fight. 

YRB: How have you prepared for the fight?

Trout: Ninety percent of boxing is mental. Understanding the game plan and the hard work involved coupled with disciplining yourself to do things you have to do when you really don't want to are all pieces that build your mental strength. That's when the real training comes in.

YRB: So what is your physical workout regimen?

Trout: I always start with a good run. Depending on the day it could be sprints or distance. After that I go into strengthening and conditioning training.

YRB: What boxers do you look up to?

Trout: Oh man, there are too many to list. I've looked up to so many each for different reasons.

YRB: Aside from this Cotto fight, who is on your list to fight and conquer?

Trout: Without a doubt Floyd Mayweather. He's the champion and that's the spot I want.

YRB: Are you prepared for the level not only as a boxer but as a commodity you will be propelled to if you defeat Cotto?

Trout: Definitely. God wouldn't put me in this position if He didn't think I was ready.

YRB: What would you say is the biggest obstacle in a fighter's career?

Trout: The politics of the business can really screw you up. There are so many great fighters out there who don't get an opportunity because of poor management. Who you have in your camp plays a tremendous role in the chances that come your way.

YRB: Paint the picture of your celebratory evening after the fight?

Trout: It would take a minute for it to sink in, but once I get back home and realize I still have the belt, there will definitely be some bottle poppin going on. I will be surrounded by the people I love who have been on this journey with me.

YRB: What is your biggest dream for yourself?

Trout: I want to be the undisputed, undefeated champion.

YRB: Do you feel you are on that path?

Trout: 100%. I'm going after everyone in my class that has a belt, and my goal is to take it from him.


Photos: Lenox Fontaine

Words: Darius Baptist

Trout's Clothing: Carlos Campos suit,Plectrum by Ben Sherman shirt, Girard-Perregaux watch,Michael Kors belt

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