#Bobbito Re-Invents “21” For New B-Ball Tourney

Spend more than ten minutes on a basketball court in the US and, undoubtedly, if there is an odd number of players or too many players someone is yelling “Twenty-One!” or “Utah!” Two games that mesh perfectly the one-on-one skills of basketball and the gritty physical elements of rugby. No matter which you play or where you play them being skilled and tough gets you a victory.

Streetball legend and Underground music guru Bobbito has created a new tournament that brings 21 basketball to a full-court and multi-game format . Note this is not for the faint of heart or skill. Bobbito, who just directed the NYC Playground documentary “Do It In The Park,” attracts the best and banging players from across the nation… not just the Tri-State.

For more information:

And, you just might see me there!! With a brace on my right leg. lol

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