Barrell Bourbon Cask Finish Series: Amburana

Barrell Bourbon has released a new Cask Finish Series,  Barrell Bourbon Cask Finish: Amburana

Experience the most exquisite bourbon aged in Amburana cask barrels – the first sip gives a woody note intertwined with hints of vanilla, leaving a mellow, caramel finish. A truly bold and adventurous choice for the discerning taste buds.

Amburana wood is also known as Cerejeira wood and is from Brazil.

The wood has become very popular among beer breweries in recent years, and it takes true blending expertise to enhance the bourbon to maintain balance.

The Barrel Craft Spirit blending team have successfully created a bourbon blend finished in Amburana casks. The palate also has a narrative driven by cameos from marmalade, tarragon, and hefeweizen.

What is Hefeweizen (hay-fuh-veyt-ssenn) ????

It is the original wheat beer and remains one of the best-known among the many styles of beer available on the market. It originated in Germany, uses a top-fermenting ale yeast, and at least 50 percent wheat malts alongside barley. All of this with a healthy splash of water foregrounds passion fruit, goldenrod, and honeycomb.

It’s a new season, and this is one of the best things you can pour in a glass this time of year.

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