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JTS0285   Copy 400x400 70x70 - TRAVEL: Firelight Camps: Glamping upstate of Gotham by Constance Boardman @zenbcb @firelightcamps #travel
Constance Boardman is a professional actress/writer who, after growing up all over the world (mostly in Virginia) as a "government brat", has made NYC her home for two decades. And since this "'is'land of the free" usually isn't, she knows where to go when you're flush, flushed or even in Flushing. But, while she, like any true New Yorker, believes all roads lead to Manhattan, she deeply enjoys taking the roads out, too. Traveling is in her blood and, more curious than George ever was, Constance loves to try all things and hear people's stories. This in turn, has afforded her the chance to be a facilitator/corporate trainer, personal trainer/fitness instructor, event planner, fundraiser, personal assistant, catering captain, chef, bartender, teacher and...(drum roll, please) writer. She's neither a doctor nor a lawyer, but has played both on TV. She's working her way up to "Indian" Chief.