“Art of Rap” App Lets Aspiring Artists Enter the Spotlight

In conjunction to the upcoming Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap film directed by Ice-T, has launched the Art of Rap iPhone and Android app. The program will come pre-loaded with two beats, giving aspiring rappers and singers an opportunity to make their own recordings and showcase their talents. Once their mini-masterpieces are finished, users can upload their work to the Art of Rap website, where their music can be heard by the masses.

Fans can also access the Art of Rap website directly through the app, record a music video, and download music from artists such as Snoop Dogg and 2Pac. One last nifty feature is the augmented reality aspect, as fans can unlock the movie trailer and a free beat simply by holding their phone’s camera to one of the posters for the movie in the real world.

The Art of Rap app is free for both Android and iOS, with in-app song downloads costing $.99. Will you become a part of hip-hop history and join the movement?

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