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Are drinks free in Las Vegas casinos?

Las Vegas casinos are cities within a city and they have what it takes to keep people indoors for long periods of time. This is not a small achievement, given how amazing Sin City is and its inexhaustible ability to fascinate even savvy travelers. There are a couple of tricks that casinos use to attract new clients, while keeping existing members happy in the long run. Inexpensive accommodation, tasty food and free drinks are to be expected when stepping inside a land-based gambling venue in Vegas.

Why do Las Vegas casinos offer free drinks?

We live in a world where we immediately get suspicious whenever someone offers stuff for free and for a good reason. Some say that there is no such thing as a free lunch and behind any gift, there has to be a hidden agenda. In the case of Las Vegas casinos and free drinks, the reasoning is quite simple and makes a lot of sense, even for those who don’t know the intricacies of the gambling industry. 

Casinos want their customers to spend as much time indoors as possible and they try to provide everything they need, so they don’t have to leave the premises and can even play mobile slots in the comfort of their hotel room. Even though air-conditioning is exceptional in Las Vegas, people will eventually get thirsty and in the absence of locally provided drinks, they would have to leave the casino. The more time they spent indoors, the more money the gambling establishment makes, so investing in free drinks makes perfect sense from an economical perspective.

Drinks are indeed free in Las Vegas casinos, but most of them only offer refreshments in the form of sodas, coffee, nonalcoholic cocktails and tea. It is not customary for Vegas casinos to offer alcoholic drinks, so regular players traveling to Nevada shouldn’t set their expectations too high. Having said this, highrollers and those who enjoy preferential treatment at these establishments will be provided with everything they want, including a broader spectrum of free beverages.

Who can expect to receive free drinks?

The generosity of Las Vegas casinos only applies to its customers, so you need to be a player to enjoy free drinks and other freebies. Most casinos are located in the close proximity of a hotel, or even inside the same complex of buildings. Those who choose to stay at a hotel owned by the same companies usually enjoy many of the freebies reserved to casino players. In order to qualify, players have to apply for a membership card, which is released quickly, with no formalities and for free.

Tourists and local people who step inside Las Vegas casinos will automatically qualify for free drinks and other benefits. It doesn’t really matter how much money they spend and what games they prefer, so both casual players and high rollers are treated fairly. Casinos don’t have entry fees either, so with a minimal investment at the slots, roulette, card games or poker, anyone can receive stuff for free including drinks.

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