albertusamericancover - An Ode to the New American Fashion @JessicaQuillin @DaleMoss @JanineJust @sashacharnin @Ozsultan @ClaudineDeSola @MursAlison

An Ode to the New American Fashion @JessicaQuillin @DaleMoss @JanineJust @sashacharnin @Ozsultan @ClaudineDeSola @MursAlison

Real fashion is America. It is about freedom, tolerance, diversity, and hard work. In America, there is nothing more iconic than the cowboy hat. Stereotypically, it represents manifest destiny and “manliness,” a symbol of the rugged outdoorsman seeking freedom and adventure who is nonetheless fiercely loyal.

However, in the 21st century, the cowboy hat is so much more, a sign of modern America in all its diverse beauty.


Being “American” means different things to different people. Historically, the American ethos is a value set beyond race, religion, or political belief, even though there are those on both sides of the party divide who intentionally politicize it. But, at its core, the proposition of what it means to be an American is a mindset: a love of freedom and tolerance; a stance against tyranny; and the pursuit of your strongest ambitions in which you can achieve anything. The American Dream connotes a lifestyle in which freedom, imagination, and ideas have no borders—a confident, resilient independence built on a common understanding, a mutual respect of differences. It is not hatred or divisiveness.


This campaign is the result of a creative collaboration between fashion insiders, designers, and ordinary people, each with their own style, their own unique experiences, their own deeply held beliefs on what it means to be American. We conceived of this campaign as a way to translate and channel the complex feelings—but also the desire to take action—that many of us are experiencing in the current political climate. There is no right answer.

We are on both sides of the aisle.


For this campaign, we asked each participant to pick a value word related to the concept of being “American” that resonated with them. We also wanted to give everyone the chance to tell his or her own story and how he or she feels uniquely American. The next section includes the campaign images, along with mini personal narratives for each participant.


Liberty is not worth anything unless everyone has it. It is not just freedom. It is what you do with it. It is not just opportunity. It is what you make of it.

We are all Americans.


Creative Director by: Susan Di Meo

Hat featured by: Albertus Swanepoel

PHOTO CREDIT: Jonas Gustavsson

Sasha Charnin Morrison


SashaCharninMorrison 540x810 - An Ode to the New American Fashion @JessicaQuillin @DaleMoss @JanineJust @sashacharnin @Ozsultan @ClaudineDeSola @MursAlison

Sasha Charnin Morrison is author of the acclaimed book Secrets of Stylists and a well-known stylist and creative consultant. In 2008, Sasha was honored by Radar Magazine as the sixth most powerful person in fashion.


I am an American.


I am a Protector.


I have been working in fashion as a stylist and writer for over 26 years. Currently, I am Style Director for CBS Watch! magazine and Contributing Style Editor for Gwynnie Bee. I have written for many publications, including Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vanity Fair, to name a few. s


I speak Kardashian and Lagerfeld, which is a huge bonus in my industry. Seven years ago, I wrote my book, Secrets of Stylists, to help people who want to break into styling. It isn’t an easy business but I love what I do.


I didn’t start out in fashion. I actually started my career in show business with such prestigious roles as “Knocked Up Runaway Hooker #1” in the video for Pat Benatar’s 1983 hit song “Love Is A Battlefield.” But, I always felt a strong pull towards the fashion world. I am married to my high school sweetheart, Producer Will Morrison. I also am the mother of 16-year-old twins, Gus and Oliver Morrison.

When not developing new, highly entertaining Instagram posts or styling Snooki or a Real Housewife, I can be found running from Bergdorf’s to Barneys in my silver platform Saint Laurent’s alongside my boys and my puppy, Moe Greene.

Oz Sultan

OzSultan 540x810 - An Ode to the New American Fashion @JessicaQuillin @DaleMoss @JanineJust @sashacharnin @Ozsultan @ClaudineDeSola @MursAlison

Oz Sultan is a leading Big Data and counterterrorism expert who focuses on anti-recruiting and ISIS counter-terror (CT) research within crypto and social media.


I am an American.


I am a Trail Blazer.


I am an American Muslim Conservative, who happens to be both ethnically Indian (Mughal) and Arab (Saudi). I am a Trump supporter and was a counterterrorism and smart city advisor to his campaign. I fight racism and invite open dialogue between people on all sides. I despise hypocrisy. We should all aspire to be more open to learning about one another.


I am a tech and marketing industry veteran with over 20 years of experience. Over the past 10 years, I have used social media signaling and analysis of trend and social data to focus on Big Data analyses and how patterns can aid in solving complex problems in the world around us. I advise a number of Blockchain companies and am a Board Member of the Homeland Security Foundation of America. I also write extensively on American Muslim affairs, as well as diplomatic and interfaith engagement.


Three years ago, I stumbled across ISIS signaling and have since leveraged analysis and understanding in this arena to develop a Digital Anti-ISIS framework and disruption methodology for stopping what I call “ISIS – the Media agency that also sells terror.”

David Rosen

DavidRosen 540x360 - An Ode to the New American Fashion @JessicaQuillin @DaleMoss @JanineJust @sashacharnin @Ozsultan @ClaudineDeSola @MursAlison

David Rosen is a real estate broker who lives in Brooklyn.


I am an American.


I am Tolerant.


In the world of New York City real estate, there are many people with agendas. But they are rarely marching to the beat of the same drummer. Beyond the tug of war haggling for money, there are all the back of the house elements that people don’t see, like complicated application processes and cleaning out estate sales.


Dealing with extreme pressure is the job. Quite often, I end up taking over where another person has tried and failed. For me, it’s all about compassion and empathy. I do my best to get people to agree and collaborate.


People use what they consider logic to make emotional decisions about their money, which is secondary, and about where and how they will live, in other words, their family home. You have to be patient and anticipate and soothe their stress. The key is to be kind and put your client first.

Lorie DelMundo

LoriedelMundo 540x810 - An Ode to the New American Fashion @JessicaQuillin @DaleMoss @JanineJust @sashacharnin @Ozsultan @ClaudineDeSola @MursAlison

Lorie DelMundo is the Field Marketing Manager for KIND Healthy Snacks in NYC.


I am an American.


I am Kind.


I’ve been with KIND Healthy Snacks for over four years now. I have aligned myself with their mission to spread KINDness everyday any way I can.


My job is to get consumers to try KIND bars and help them to live a healthier lifestyle by being KIND to their body and to the world. We spread KINDness by doing KIND acts for others. I also run a non-profit organization where we teach kids (ages 5-18) the fundamentals of basketball, taking what they learned on the court to the classroom and guiding them through higher education.

So I pretty much try to implement KINDness in my day-to-day life and spread it any way I can.

Dale Moss

DaleMoss 540x360 - An Ode to the New American Fashion @JessicaQuillin @DaleMoss @JanineJust @sashacharnin @Ozsultan @ClaudineDeSola @MursAlison

Dale Moss is a former NFL wide receiver. Currently, he is a model, host, philanthropist, and motivational speaker.


I am an American.


I am Mindfulness.


The NFL was an amazing time of my life. Now that my playing career is behind me, I am focused on personal growth and development for people within the NFL and its teams. I want to help them define culture within their organizations and successfully refine who they are in a positive way.


My biggest joy in life has been the unconditional support of friends, family, and fans. They drive me to step outside the box and create without fear. I’ve devoted myself to using my platforms—and my energy—strategically and positively to influence, engage, and empower others to find balance in all areas of life.

Rachel Hope

RachelHope 540x360 - An Ode to the New American Fashion @JessicaQuillin @DaleMoss @JanineJust @sashacharnin @Ozsultan @ClaudineDeSola @MursAlison

Rachel Hope is a fashion influencer and entrepreneur who lives in New York City.


I am an American.


I am Hungry.


New York is my runway. I fell in love with fashion when I was very young. My mother, a designer and my father, a buyer, both inspired me to pursue a career and to become an entrepreneur.


To support myself through college, I too became an entrepreneur at a young age by designing, selling and marketing accessories on Etsy. I then decided to become a teacher. Teaching offers opportunities to be leaders, mentors, and inspire thinkers. I enrolled myself in NYU, my dream school, and attended classes at night, after working a full-time job as a teacher in a Pre-Kindergarten classroom in Soho.


Instead of engulfing in my studies, I was immersed in the New York City culture and knew I saw more of a future for myself there. I always fantasized about a career where I could develop revenue generating blogs for magazines or emerging businesses, particularly in fashion, or developing wraparound products for ad agencies that spearhead direct access to under tapped or fringe markets of consumers who are often disenfranchised by creative departments on Madison Avenue.


After getting some industry experience, I took the leap to transition into a full-time Influencer with my blog, The Concrete Blonde. I am hustling and grinding to try to grow my blog and inspire all of you! It’s my time to take chances, compete against the best, take risks, and “own my space.”

There are still people trying to convince me that this isn’t smart, that I won’t make it, and that this is just a silly dream. However, some people will tear you down and rip you to pieces. The fashion industry is tough as hell. But, it’s also full of people who support you and lift you up. Find those cheerleaders and hang onto them! They are the ones who count. I can’t wait to prove everyone else wrong.

Jonn Nubian

JonnNubian 540x810 - An Ode to the New American Fashion @JessicaQuillin @DaleMoss @JanineJust @sashacharnin @Ozsultan @ClaudineDeSola @MursAlison

Jonn Nubian is a Managing Partner and Editor at YRB Magazine.


I am an American.


I am Individualism.


I am a professional adventurer, producer, and new media technology infomediary with over 35 years of experience in television, film, music, and new media companies. I am noted for my expertise and insight pertaining to digital media business models, strategy, industry foresight with hardware and software products, distribution, and cutting edge technology solutions in the US and abroad.


I like cigars, hacking, phreaking, walks in the park, modern art, collecting vinyl, and playing video games.  Initially, white ranchers referred to white workers as “cow hands,” with blacks in the same position referred to with the pejorative “cow boy.”


Over time the term COWBOY came to apply to anyone in the industry of herding cattle and through pop culture has risen to define the quintessential American hero.


The cowboy hat I am wearing conveys the progressive individual spirit that never dies.


For my work, YRB Magazine is a lifestyle print publication that focuses on fashion, music, art, and related cultural subjects. We strive to maintain a global viewpoint, looking beyond borders to find topics to inspire our readers, resulting in a magazine that is both unique and informative. Basically, we want YRB to be the definitive pop culture delivery platform.

Claudine De Sola

ClaudinedeSola 540x810 - An Ode to the New American Fashion @JessicaQuillin @DaleMoss @JanineJust @sashacharnin @Ozsultan @ClaudineDeSola @MursAlison

Claudine De Sola is a casting director and designer who runs Caravan Stylist Studio in NYC.


I am an American.


I am Equal.


Each of us can do our part to make sure equality is universal, whether that be how we treat ourselves, our neighbor, or a stranger. It is something that should come naturally; but, unfortunately, for many, it does not. This is why we still must educate and be the best person we can be.

Every day, we should take small steps to treat everyone equally. At Caravan Stylist Studio, we are a place that engages with content creators; and we are always looking forward to meeting new people and sharing their stories and build a community.

As a runway casting director, I always want diversity. My clothing collection, LIVARI, is a collaborative expression of art and activism with Alysia Reiner (Orange Is The New Black), and Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs (Tabii Just, Women’s March). For this line, we showed a diverse casting of models, each with a beautiful story to tell. Our main goal with LIVARI is to not to sell clothes but to communicate about amazing artisans and organizations and use our voices.

In my personal life, I hope for a better future for my son entering our world late Fall, where he can see himself and others living freely and treating others with respect and fairness. Even when it came to his future existence, I learned that there needs to be more education, care and support on how we can become parents. There needs to be more openness to family planning and assistance so that more people can have options.

Murs Alison

MursAlison 540x810 - An Ode to the New American Fashion @JessicaQuillin @DaleMoss @JanineJust @sashacharnin @Ozsultan @ClaudineDeSola @MursAlison

Murs Alison is a NYC-based graphic designer and social media influencer.


I am an American.


I am Positive.


I work as a graphic designer. I aim to bring color and light to everything I design.


I have always been interested in fashion. Even when I was in high school, I was one of those kids who would wear the most on trend or colorful thing. My classmates would always ask me from where I got these things.


Moving forward, I kept my interest with fashion. But, it didn’t become my main focus until I graduated from college. I had a lot of flexibility because I was looking for a job. So, I started working on my blog and sharing my insights on what I like and what’s trending at the moment with my readers and followers on social media. It was such a small community in the beginning, but now it is over 45K.


My followers are my inspiration. Every single time I get a new message from someone who read my blog or watched one of my YouTube videos and felt inspired or moved, I literally just want to cry. This is exactly the reason I started this journey. I want to create a community that I can help and show them how to become better versions of themselves.

Valerie Star

ValerieStar 540x810 - An Ode to the New American Fashion @JessicaQuillin @DaleMoss @JanineJust @sashacharnin @Ozsultan @ClaudineDeSola @MursAlison

Valerie Star is a renowned celebrity makeup artist, hair stylist, and beauty educator.


I am an American.


I am Vivacious.


I believe in living life to its fullest, vivaciously experiencing every aspect of life and all it has to offer. Finding beauty in the unexpected and sharing that beauty with others.


By trade, I’m a celebrity makeup artist, hairstylist, beauty educator and the Beauty Director at Caravan Stylist Studio. I am truly blessed to be able to wake up every day and do what I love.

I am an artist; I’m a work in progress, a creator, a music lover, and a whiskey drinker. I lounge; I drink; I lounge again; I eat; I sit alone; I sit around people; I dance alone; I dance around people; I sing in the shower; I play dress up when I think no one is around; heck, I play dress up all the time; I talk to myself; I read; and, most importantly, I create.


Music can always make me smile. I have been blessed to have worked and traveled in the music industry. The sounds in my head are brilliant, if I do say so. A randomly fantastic Valerie fact. Have you ever heard the song “Valerie” that Amy Winehouse sang? Well…. I am that Valerie from the song. Years ago, I met a musician named Dave McCabe. After seeing him perform, I asked him to have a drink with me. This one moment turned into years. Dave later wrote the song called “Valerie.” Mark Ronson heard this song and pitched the idea to Amy Winehouse to do her rendition of “Valerie”. This blew up on the music charts and gained worldwide notoriety. Rolling Stone called the cover Winehouse’s only “notable recording.” So, if you’ve ever heard the song “Valerie” and wanted to know who is that girl Valerie, now you know.


Chris Sanford

ChrisSandford 540x810 - An Ode to the New American Fashion @JessicaQuillin @DaleMoss @JanineJust @sashacharnin @Ozsultan @ClaudineDeSola @MursAlison

Chris Sandford is Fashion Market Editor for Bleu Magazine and a fashion industry influencer and stylist.


I am an American.


I am Defiant.


I am a fashion stylist, fashion editor, and fashion influencer. Titles don’t mean a lot these days, I think. I chose the word “defiant” because I have spent my career breaking the fashion rules.


In the beginning, everyone told me the best way to break into fashion was to go to school. I chose to go a different way. I learned the fashion industry from the inside out, working for publications and brands I believe in. I’m here because I love the art of fashion and the creative people who make it happen.


Image matters. But so does heart. I’m a Taurus. I believe in grabbing the bull by the horns to get things done. You do have to be patient, though. Sometimes things take time to take shape, especially when it comes to your passion.

Alessa Caridi

AlessaCaridi 540x810 - An Ode to the New American Fashion @JessicaQuillin @DaleMoss @JanineJust @sashacharnin @Ozsultan @ClaudineDeSola @MursAlison

Alessa Caridi is CEO and founder of JōbuFIT and a certified Pilates instructor and dancer.


I am an American.

I am a Futurist.


I am passionate about health, fitness, and understanding the wonderful machine that is the human body. I am a certified Pilates instructor, artist, dance technician, and functional fitness speaker.


I became interested in fitness while studying anatomy and performing arts at UCLA, where I got a B.A. in World Arts and Cultures, Dance Concentration. There, I had the chance to spend half a year abroad: a summer in Paris and a semester in Florence. Through these experiences, I realized that other cultures seem to be less stressed, take time for themselves and their families, and above all else, live healthier lives.

I eventually spent three years in Okinawa, Japan with my husband, a Captain in the United States Marine Corps, and our miniature poodle. I taught Mat Pilates classes on the military base and opened the island’s first Pilates Studio, AlePilates. In Okinawa, I experienced firsthand what makes its citizens some of the healthiest, longest living people on this planet. That’s when I knew the Okinawans’ habits needed to come to America.


Upon our return, I started my company JōbuFIT to bring Japanese healthy habits to the US. JōbuFIT is a workplace wellness program modeled after the everyday workout of the people of Japan, one of the world’s healthiest nations. In Japan, no matter one’s job, age, or social stature, every morning everyone takes the time to start their day strong, or 丈夫 (jōbu); they call it Rajio Taiso(ラジオ体操), here I call it JōbuFIT.


Janine Just

JanineJust 540x810 - An Ode to the New American Fashion @JessicaQuillin @DaleMoss @JanineJust @sashacharnin @Ozsultan @ClaudineDeSola @MursAlison

Janine Just is Chief Connectologist of Janine Just, Inc, a boutique Experiential PR agency.

I am an American.


I am a Builder.


The world knows me as: JJ. Fact: My parents wanted to name me Tracy. It was narrowed down to Tracy and Janine. My dad felt people would call me me JJ and thought it had a masculine connotation. He was right, but I don’t mind.


I connect people very day. Creating experiences that allow brands with their core audience is my forte as Chief Connectologist of Janine Just, Inc. I utilize traditional PR and maximize social media for campaigns that allow a brand to reach further. Experiential marketing is what resonates with consumers now. We create wow-worthy moments that our media relationships want to share with their communities. Authenticity always wins and it’s our goal to educate our connections on all facets of a brand, empowering media to place content where they know it best serves their audience. Creating something experiential that gives media a fresh perspective that cements content as a must-share that excite and inspire.


I have lived in NYC for nearly 20 years. Before founding Janine Just, Inc. I worked extensively in hospitality for the first part of my career. My background of working with restaurants, bars and venues lends to my expertise in experiential marketing.


Right now I’m rebuilding. It’s an important skill to have as a business owner and as a person. We’re all constantly rebuilding some component of our lives, as we should be — ultimately life is a learning experience. In the past few years I’ve had serious loss and that leads to the dark cloud hovering over you no matter what you’re doing. It’s exhausting and at times, feels neverending. Time is a very funny thing, it can work in good ways and bad, and looking ahead when rebuilding has allowed me to do it a way I’ve never done before.


When you’re rebuilding, it’s work every single day. It’s important not to look at it as something you have to “complete” or reach an endpoint with, but to see it as part of your growth process. Rebuilding gets easier each time you have to do it, at least that’s what I hope anyway — ask me when I’m 50!


It’s my goal for American girls to have scores of exceptional, brilliant women to epitomize. In an era of social media sensations and reality stars, it’s imperative to give a diverse scope of women visibility for attainable success that supersedes fame. Getting to the top on your own is actually far more satisfying.

Sabina Hitchen

SabinaHitchen 540x810 - An Ode to the New American Fashion @JessicaQuillin @DaleMoss @JanineJust @sashacharnin @Ozsultan @ClaudineDeSola @MursAlison

Sabina Hitchen is the influencer behind the popular blog Sabina Knows, as well as CEO of Press for Success, a PR education company.


I am an American.


I am Helpful.


I believe that every entrepreneur should have access to the education, tools, and strategies they need to get publicity for their business (and themselves) successfully and confidently.


I’m what you get when a teacher/curriculum creator takes a chance on the Big Apple, becomes an entrepreneur and PR agency owner, and those two careers fall in love and have a business baby.


I teach small business owners, entrepreneurs, and experts how to get publicity and share their message and business with the press and the world, which allows them to increase their visibility, grow their business, and ultimately, impact a bigger audience via their passion and purpose. I deliver this education with a heaping side of motivation and mental training aimed at boosting confidence and courage.


You can be the best at what you do, the most skilled at your industry and work harder than you care to admit, but if nobody knows your business exists none of that matters. How do you make sure they can find you? Public relations.

Creative Director by: Susan Di Meo

Hat featured by: Albertus Swanepoel

PHOTO CREDIT: Jonas Gustavsson


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