Alternative Wedding Rings That Rock

Congratulations, you’re getting married! Now it’s time to figure out what special ring you’re going to wear forevermore. Will it be the same sort of ring your parents wore, or something a little more “you”. These days weddings don’t tend to follow convention patterns and there are plenty of alternative wedding rings to choose from and design. Check out some of the top brands below.

The Great Frog

You’ve probably heard of The Great Frog if you’re into alternative rings, they’re one of the most well-known alternative ring designers and specialize in gothic styles – especially skulls. If you want a wedding ring that rocks check out their wedding band range.

The Great Frog wedding band range is unique and handmade according to your specifications. They can be made in either silver or gold and range in styles from ones that are simple to one’s that are ornate or geometric.

Sofia Zakia

A wedding ring should be symbolic. That’s why diamonds are traditionally chosen. diamonds are beautiful stones but they are also mega hard and can’t easily be broken down – a bit like your marriage. But these days wedding ring symbolism has diversified.

Sofia Zakia rings are the perfect example of symbolic wedding rings for a new age. These wedding bands are bespoke designs that incorporate the star constellation of your zodiac signs or meaningful cosmological symbols and goddesses. Diamond stones can also be incorporated.

Whiteflash Diamond

For a diamond ring for your wedding that is a cut above the rest head over to Whiteflash half carat diamond where you can choose the perfect stone for your wedding band at the perfect price. Diamonds don’t have to break the bank, not if you invest in a half-carat Diamond engagement ring.

Since there is no universal average for the carat weight of an engagement ring it means you can invest in a stone for your wedding band that is far less expensive without sacrificing any of the quality or status. Whiteflash will cut you a clear diamond and high quality for a cut-down price.


If you value personality in your wedding rings, on your wedding day, and in your married life, you might want to check out Kipkalinka’s Etsy store. These wedding bands combine a dairy aesthetic with a hint of the dark side. Expect alternative colored stones and skulls.

Who says you should have a silver or gold diamond wedding ring for your special day? Some couples much prefer to do things according to their own standards and conventions. Kipkalinka understands this well and caters to an alternative and hip wedding crowd.

Ken and Dana

For a set of wedding bands with a difference check out the Ken and Dana brand who are based in New York. Picture gold or silver wedding bands that have been artfully dented and decorated with organic patterns. This gives the appearance of something solid and natural – something lasting.

Ken and Dana design alternative wedding rings for couples worldwide and have a reputation for delivering excellent bespoke designs in any shape, color, or style. Anything is possible with this brand; all you need is a unique and personal idea.

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