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Last month Alize introduced their newest initiative to a crowd of NYC’s finest in tastemakers and media – just in time for one hot summer! The Alize Mix Squad is setting out to make their mark on various cities by teaming up with the music industry in a unique and eye-catching way. Launching the all-female DJ program that includes Nina Sky, DJ Kiss, DJ Rashida, Jessica Who?, DJ Niena Drake, DJ Dimepiece and DJ Eque, the liquor brand is embarking on several events that will feature the DJs – and if you’re lucky they’ll be coming to a city near you. Check out the exclusive interview below with Alize brand manager, Cheryl Talley,  and a few of the DJ ambassadors.





Cheryl Talley, Alizé Brand Manager:

–      How did you choose these women to represent the Alizé brand?

The selection process for the Alizé Mix Squad was based on the criteria of associating with female DJs that are authentic, successful (top of their game), have significant social media presence & reach and ultimately embody the spirit of the brand.


–      What are you hoping to accomplish with the Alizé Mix Squad?

With the Alizé Mix Squad, we are looking to develop an ongoing influencer platform to engage our consumers and provide an actual real world presence and personality though the selected DJs. Overall, the program is meant to amplify brand awareness and engagement through relevant DJs via digital/social media, branded events and organic & genuine word of mouth advocacy.


–      What is the significance of choosing all female representatives?

This is our third year with the Alizé Mix Squad and for the first two years we partnered with a majority of male DJs. With the proliferation of new corporately branded DJ teams that are generally male-centric, 2011 was the year for the Alizé brand to bring some differentiation to the program. Partnering with female DJs provides a distinction that is necessary to keep the program fresh and exciting. Ultimately, Alizé was the first of its kind brand to introduce all natural, exotic flavors and premium French spirits to the marketplace, and this year, we are bringing to you the first of its kind all-female DJ squad that delivers on our outlook of “Life’s More Colorful When You Mix It!”



–      How did you get involved with the Alizé Mix Squad?
It’s great, because they found me! I’ve created a strong presence online and stay very active with my fans and supporters through the many social media platforms, appearances and performances I do around the world. I was recently named one of the most influential Chicagoans by the Chicago Tribune. As proof that hard work pays off, I received an exciting phone call from the Alizé team inviting me to join the Alizé Mix Squad. After discussing the program, how my brand would work with the Alizé brand and finding out who the other awesome DJs were, we moved forward and made it official!

–      What do you think the significance is of this being an all female program?
The significance in this first ever all-female DJ mix squad is that we all stand strong individually as great DJs and bringing us together is the ultimate mix of skill, style and strength! We’re being recognized first for our talent as respected DJs and as influencers throughout the country and the world. From the East Coast, West Coast, Midwest and down South, we have the country covered. I represent my hometown, Chicago, proudly everywhere in the world I travel. I’ve worked very hard to be the best and I’m proud to be in the company of other amazing DJs, not just because they are “female,” but because we are very talented and have worked hard to achieve the level of success and respect for the craft of deejaying.

–      What is the biggest challenge being a female DJ?
I always focus on the positive and see things that most people would consider “challenges” as opportunities. I understand it’s all about how I deal with these opportunities that shape my life experiences and success. With that being said, one of the biggest opportunities for me being a female DJ is surprising people and showing them that not only am I a beautiful, stylish and sexy woman, but am also an awesome DJ that can ROCK a party! My intense passion for music and respect for the art of deejaying keep me inspired and motivated. I have the opportunity to open listeners’ minds up to new music and a new way of listening to music. At some of the events I perform at, people hear me before they see me. By the time they get to the DJ booth, I’ve won them over by my music selection and my skill. It’s always funny seeing peoples’ faces when they realize I was the DJ they were rocking out to! I enjoy surprising people.

–      If you could make your own Alizé flavor what would it be?
If I could make my own Alizé flavor it would be called “Niena Passion,” and it would embody all of the sweet and refreshing flavors I love. I am actually working on my own specialty Alizé cocktail, stay tuned for the details!



–      How did you get involved with the Alizé Mix Squad?
Luckily (and thankfully) they found me! They reached out to me via Twitter and through my manager and we started chatting from there. The program seemed like a lot of fun and in a good direction, so I said “Yes!” to being a part of it; plus, I was excited to work with the other female DJs that they had chosen for the squad. 

–      What do you think the significance is of this being an all female program?
With this program in particular, I would have to say it would be the strength in the talent. As a squad, we bring a lot of power and potential for new life/awareness to the brand. 

–      What is the biggest challenge being a female DJ?
I would have to say the biggest challenge in being a female DJ is having to set yourself apart from the other female DJs. In this day and age, most female DJs have gotten where they are by way of nudie mags and modeling. I personally refuse to get naked to sell myself when I know that when people hear me play, they respect the music. I may not be the strongest battler/scratcher, but I am definitely known for my song choices and my style of mixing. There are a lot of females trying to break into the industry that don’t even do their own programming for their sets. It drives me crazy!

–      If you could make your own Alizé flavor what would it be?
I’ve been really into things that are infused with cucumber. It’s such a refreshing taste and can be added to so many different beverages to improve the flavor, so I am going to have to say cucumber flavor Alizé would be my choice. 



–      How did you get involved with the Alizé Mix Squad?
I was followed by the official ‘Alizé Mix Squad’ Twitter and I reached out to the person behind the account.  After inquiring about being apart of the brand, I learned that an all-female DJ crew was being formulated and was being considered for the program.  I then was asked to be apart of the new venture, I accepted and now here I am!

–      What do you think the significance is of this being an all female program?  
Alizé is such a prominent brand and women behind two turntables are a rare commodity. Combining to the two are genius and will force the masses to acknowledge and sample the product.

–      What is the biggest challenge being a female DJ?  
Everyone’s experience is different, but in regards to my career, it’s being second-guessed before performing any task, whether it’s rocking a club, a radio show, mixtape or production. Being a female in a male-dominated field already puts one strike against you. In result, you’ll always have to prove yourself twice as much.

–      If you could make your own Alizé flavor what would it be?  
It would be called “The Mixin’ Vixen,” mixed with Alizé Bleu Passion, pineapple juice and a splash of grenadine. “The Mixin’ Vixen” is my moniker and being that Alizé is all about mixing it up, this drink is sure to get the party going!



–      How did you get involved with the Mix Squad?
Alizé approached me with the opportunity a few months back and I thought that it was great. It is such a fun and unique program that brings female DJs together for a good time with a top spirit company.

–      What do you think the significance is of this being an all-female program?
I think it’s significant because it’s the first one of it’s kind! I thought it would be a great opportunity because each of us are successful and talented in our own right. The entire group gets along and respects each other’s talents and knowledge of music. We all have also worked very hard to get to the point where we could work on a project like this.

–      What is the biggest challenge being a female DJ?
I think being a DJ -male or female- can be challenging at times! I think the challenges of being a female DJ aren’t what they once were, but it is still a male-dominated field. I have never tried to look at myself as a girl DJ, but rather just a DJ. It doesn’t matter whether you are a male or female at the end of the day, if you can get the room going and get people to have fun and dance then you are doing your job. When I am up there playing, I sometimes think to myself how did I get here? And how lucky I am to be a DJ because I love what I do and I love music.

–      If you could make your own Alizé flavor what would it be?
Cotton Candy Kiss Alizé. I have a major sweet tooth and think that it would be a delicious flavor!



photo credit: Marion Curtis, Startraks

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