Alix Tucou To Release New Album, Music on Canvas

Following the international success of his last album “Portraits,” French musician and composer Alix Tucou, is preparing for the release of his latest musical masterpiece with the album ” Music on Canvas.”

The title of this brand new experimental work anticipates in part what the audience will hear. In the wake of the previous “Portraits,” Tucou evolves the concept of portraits focusing on great names in art history.

In his tracks it is possible to trace the artistic quest of each figure from Paul Cézanne to Yves Klein, from Hilma af Klint to Marina Abramovic among other influential artists.

All of Alix Tucou’s compositions, arise from an in-depth study of the artists’ lives and work. Somewhat like in the artistic literature, the composer makes a historical-biographical investigation by adding an excursion into the intimacy of each personality.

Portraiture, in visual art, has been spreading since Hellenism and was established in the Etruscan and Roman worlds, later assuming a fundamental role in the Renaissance as not only a physical but also a psychological representation.

In this case Alix Tucou translates into Music some of the cornerstones of the representation of the Renaissance portrait while extending his research through an interpretation that is more intimate, dreamy and immersive.

“Music on Canvas” can be considered as an homage to visual artists, painting, sculpture, performance, insights, research but even more to the manifestations of human beings.

As a great artist said,
“The painter can also look. But seeing is something more.”

In this case, we could say that the musician can also hear. But listening is something more.

The album celebration party will be held on May 28, 2024 in New York City as part of the programming of Carnegie Hill Concert series.

Photography by: Edmond Deraedt

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