YRB Magazine is a lifestyle publication that focuses on fashion, music, art, and related cultural subjects.

With over 100 print covers since the inception of YRB , the quarterly magazine has continued in being THE FIRST to bring artists, change-makers and culture shifters to the public’s attention for the past 24 years!

Alicia Keys, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian , Machine Gun Kelly , Channing Tatum and Jason Derulo are just some of the cover stars we knew were on the break for something big.



Constantly ahead of the curve for trendsetting style, YRB connects with the latest developments that impact the dynamic culture via our reportage. We strive to maintain a global viewpoint, looking beyond borders to find topics to inspire and educate our readers, resulting in a magazine that is both unique and informative.

YRB stands for Yellow Red Blue and denotes the use of red, yellow, and blue pigments as primary colors in art and design, particularly painting.

It is the makeup of the primary color triad in a standard artist’s color wheel.





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