A New You for a New Year: 3 Mindset Habits for a Greater Life

Coming to the end of another year means that we start to think about what we can do for the next one. It can take between 21 days and 3 months to form a new habit, and with these timescales in mind, we can create a number of positive habits, short-term and long-term, that will make a big difference. Here are some things to consider.


Remind Yourself of the Things You Can Control

When we go out on the road, we are at the mercy of people that drive in an idiotic fashion but this is something that we cannot control. Something like driving is one of those areas that can be overwhelming because of the fact that we are almost surrendering ourselves to the elements. But any car crash lawyer will tell you that the biggest cause of accidents is down to distracted driving. If you are distracted by things in life, it is down to you to change these things. There are things in life that we can control, and we cannot change others. While we may not be able to control how others drive, we can increase our reaction times and concentration. This is just one example, but when we realize we can control ourselves and accept that we are the only people that we can change, it can free us up.

Question Your Motives

Everything we do and say boils down to the motives we have underneath it all. Whenever we are responding to a situation, we need to be sure that, whatever it is, the motive behind why we are doing it is true to who we are and what we want. Because if we are reacting to a situation and we are doing something out of spite or anger, we are going to regret it later. Sometimes it’s important to ask ourselves what our motives are before we do or say something. This is especially true if you’re feeling stressed or emotional. Because asking ourselves what our motives really are underneath everything can keep us in check.

Embrace the Differences of Everyone

Sometimes we can feel that we are in our own little world. And it’s so important to break out of that and appreciate that being different is the greatest thing. We spend our whole lives thinking that we need to conform or we do or say something that warrants a raised eyebrow from someone, but learning to embrace the differences in other people can be about being true to ourselves and realizing that we are different. Unfortunately, we see so much hate on social media purely based to differences. And rather than fighting those people, perhaps we have to aim higher and look at it on a political level. We should go and vote them out! But no matter the political tides, surely we need to focus on love and respect?


Whether you want to improve your appearance or make a difference, sometimes the little habits will be the ones that change us for the rest of our lives. These are three things that we need to have at the forefront of our minds. A new year can be about a new you, all without heading to the gym!

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