QP YES1 - Q Parker is back with The MANual

Q Parker is back with The MANual

QParker1 - Q Parker is back with The MANual2307588 - Q Parker is back with The MANualQParker.white .tee .MANual.promo .shot .bw  - Q Parker is back with The MANual

Most of us may remember Q Parker as one fourth of the R&B group 112, but the times have changed, and the Grammy Award winning singer & songwriter is back with a solo debut The MANual. With a hot new track titled Yes, Q Parker plans on taking center stage once again. We recently chatted with the seductive crooner to hear all about it.

YRB: What has the recording process been like for The MANual?

Q: It’s been fun. It’s been a learning experience because as a member of 112, I assumed my role and I became an expert in my role. Being in a group so evenly talented as 112, you would only get a fourth of everything.  I would do my part in the song then tag someone to it. With doing this solo project, everything falls on me. During this recording process, I really had to get in touch deeply with myself vocally. I had to push myself because I was so accustomed to just doing my verse then go in the background.

YRB: What have you learned the most in the process?

Q:  The question I was faced with was do I record records that I know are able to  compete with what’s out now, or do I stick with the core of who Q Parker is as a songwriter/vocalist? I can sing a song, that’s nothing. To actually decide what style I want to do is the hard part. With 112, we were able to fuse hip-hop and R&B. We had some of the greatest ballads, but we also had you in the club dancing. The industry has changed a little bit, so I had to decide to either stick with what you are, or do you compete?

YRB: Do you feel you needed to marry the two?

Q: That’s what ended up happening. At the end of the day I look at it as this is going to be a part of me forever. I have to live these records every night. Appease the core idea of great melodies and really talk about something. Embrace the elements of today’s industry from an R&B perspective.

YRB: What is the nature of your relationship with the other members of 112?

Q: Everybody is supportive. We’re brothers. We fight, and we fuss. We’ll talk today and then go a span of a month without talking, but it’s ok. We started in middle school, so there’s a bond that’s unbreakable. It’s funny because we’ve been touring together as of late for the first time in a very long time, and to see Slim doing his solo record, followed by me doing mine, it is just the ultimate show of support. If Slim is successful, 112 is successful, and if Q is successful, 112 is successful.

YRB: Could there be a 112 reunion?

Q: Because we haven’t been together in that capacity for so long, it’s a situation where you have to crawl before you walk. I would never say never, but all the stars would have to line up.

YRB: Let’s talk about your latest single “Yes”. What is that all about?

Q: Not only that song, but The Manual as a whole is a direct conversation between the ladies and myself. If you get the ladies, the guys will come. It’s a very sensual record. It is definitely going to get the ladies in the mood and make them feel sexy. It’s just me giving them a deeper look at what I see visually when I create that special moment.

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