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6 Items Men Need For The Spring & Summer

We’re about to roll into the spring and summer seasons, which as always means it’s time to change the way we dress. For men, that tends to mean embracing some lighter and more casual looks. But more specifically, here are six fashion-related items every guy needs heading into the warmer seasons.

1. Baggy Pants

Men’s pants have shrunk in recent years. We’ve seen shorts getting shorter and pants getting tighter, pretty much without interruption. But according to this lineup of summer styles, we may finally be seeing a reversal of this trend. Baggy trousers are in for men, and they offer a more comfortable (or at least more breathable) option for warm weather. Just don’t mistake “baggy” for “loose and rumpled.”

2. Dull Colors

Sounds counterintuitive, right? Usually we associate spring and summer style with fun, bright colors. But this year it’s a combination of greys and earthy greens that stands out in menswear. That’s not to say you can’t brighten things up on occasion, but the “in” looks are on the duller side.

3. Old-School Sandals

Sandals haven’t actually ever disappeared from the men’s fashion spectrum, but I say “old-school” because for some time now minimalistic flip-flops have been viewed as the more stylish options. This spring and summer we’re seeing a distinct return of more heavy-duty sandals with thicker soles and straps over the foot and behind the ankle. These offer a little bit of a more rugged look, and they’re suddenly appearing in all kinds of different colors and styles.

4. An MLB Shirt

Baseball is America’s pastime, and for that reason there’s no better casual wear for a summer weekend afternoon than an MLB shirt for your favorite team. This site’s collection of stylish options for bigger guys made this point pretty well by including MLB team shirts alongside more traditionally fashionable items. The big league gear there actually extends to other sports as well, but for summer an MLB tee is the way to go.

5. New Sunglasses

Men’s trends don’t tend to be as fluid as women’s, and the truth is a lot of guys—even those with a tendency to be fashion-forward—can get away with a lot of the same items year after year. But where sunglasses are concerned we’ve started to see regular shifts in style from year to year. One year it’s aviators, another year it’s wayfarers, etc. There are a few looks making the rounds this year, but these examples show that more rounded looks are prevailing. In particular, clubmaster sunglasses seem to be gaining steam.

6. Short Shorts

Baggy pants may be in for guys, but the aforementioned movement toward smaller pants options for men is ongoing when it comes to shorts. In fact, we may even see men’s shorts getting a little bit shorter this spring and summer if some early clothing collections are to be taken as signs of things to come. It may be a little less comfortable for some, but it does make for a nice casual look in the spring and summer.

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