5 Trending Proposal Alternatives to Show How Much You Love Someone

Traditions are being shunned in the 21st century. So if you are planning to pop the question, you may be looking for proposal alternatives. Here are some of the most popular today.

Alternative Materials and Stones

Diamonds are beautiful. Yet they are extremely expensive. And the industry doesn’t have the best record when you conflict stones and slave labor. Fortunately, there are many other materials and stones you could consider that are just as stunning. Perhaps a striking white gold and deep red garnet ring is more to your tastes. Alternatives like these are becoming more popular because of the uncertainty of diamonds and the negativity associated with them. Additionally, alternative stones cost much less, more fitting in today’s economic climate.

Crafted Text and Creative Media

There’s no doubt about the power of the written word, and the pen is said to be mightier than the sword. Therefore, rather than proposing with a traditional diamond, you can immortalize your love for your partner with an elaborate prose composition. And in today’s world, there are many unique ways you can creatively send someone a composed piece. Perhaps an online scrapbook would be a fun way to look back over your time together. And creating videos has never been easier with online tools like Vimeo’s online video maker. Just don’t use email!

Try Adopting Animals as Proposal Alternatives

A furry addition to complete a circle of love is an enchanting idea and gesture of commitment to your partner. Adopting an animal such as a cat or dog means demonstrating a commitment to your relationship and means taking things forward. If you are both animal lovers, your partner will really appreciate this gesture that shows you’re serious about your relationship and ready to commit. However, it’s best to talk about it first rather than being an outright surprise since you can’t really return an animal to the shelter like you can an engagement ring to the store.

Meaningful Tattoos

Getting a tattoo shows that you’re willing to go to great lengths for your beloved by marking your body forever. An engagement ring symbolizes love, but you can take it off. A tattoo is permanent. You may like this idea if you’re into tattoos. Even still, it’s pretty romantic to get something so permanent. Additionally, a tattoo can be anything. So you could get something else done instead of a traditional ring tattoo. Some ideas are the date you met, your partner’s name, or a beautiful phrase that means something to you both, like “always and forever.”

Just be sure to do your research on tattoo salons and artists to find the best one for you. A tattoo salon should be clean and reputable. They should use new needles along with needle cleaner, and  they should wear latex gloves. The artist you choose should also provide you with a portfolio of their designs so that you can get an idea of their skill level.

Valuables and Financial Support

A wedding proposal could include an elaborate gift in addition to or in place of traditional jewelry. Collectible art is an excellent investment these days, and pieces from emerging artists appreciate value. But a great way to welcome someone into your family is to give them a family heirloom like a ring. Alternatively, digital artwork ownership could be passed using modern NFTs or a cryptocurrency investment. This way, your beloved has something of their own. Or, like the other 40 million people in the US alone, they may have student loans that need to be repaid.


Popular alternative ways to propose to your beloved include using other materials and precious stones, creating something unique, or offering financial support with cash and assets.

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