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Pauly D takes his fans outside the beaches of Jersey Shore to get a firsthand look into his real Rhode Island roots, and in the process, proves to be a real player in the DJ game.

Interview by Sway Calloway // Photography by Chad Griffith // Styling by Darius Baptist // Grooming by Jessica Smalls using Bobbi Brown for Epiphany Artists Group

At this point, Pauly D is on everyone’s pop culture radar. Best known as one of the leading cast members of MTV’s highest rated show, Jersey Shore, DJ Pauly D has positioned himself to get more than 15 minutes of fame out of an industry that is just as quick to forget you as it mentions you in the same breath. With his own spin-off series, The Pauly D Project, slated to air this spring, the Rhode Island native wants to show his loyal fans and new followers that there really is more to him than GTL. With DJ residencies at Las Vegas’ The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City, the 31-year-old is well on his way to creating a place for himself not only in the world of electronic dance music (EDM), but also within the pop music world. From touring with pop princess Britney Spears to signing a record deal with rapper and mogul 50 Cent’s G-Note Records, as well as partnering in the developments of a clothing line, tanning lotions and sunless products, Paul DelVecchio has a business plan in place that would impress top-earning executives.

Here, Pauly is taken back a bit and paired with someone who has seen a lot of artists (especially reality show stars) come and go. MTV’s Sway Calloway continues to be one of the most pivotal players of the music and news channel. Whether he’s covering a red carpet or having a one-on-one sit-down with President Barack Obama, Sway has the keen ability to connect with personalities and show a side of an interviewee that the public may not be familiar with. After hosting his own radio show, “Sway in the Morning” on Sirius/XM Radio, Sway stopped by the New York studio for Pauly’s cover shoot to chat it up.

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Sway: What’s up man? Congratulations on everything. You are surely the man right now. Pauly: Thanks so much. As always, I truly appreciate it.

Sway: So let’s talk. The Pauly D Project – what’s that all about? We all had bets on when it would air, but I hear it’s finally making its debut. Pauly: Aww, I’m so excited about this show. It airs March 29, and I can’t wait for people to see it.

Sway: What do you have in store for us? Pauly: I’m just so anxious to show the world me outside of Jersey Shore. With this show you will get to know me. You see where I’m from, you’ll meet some of my boys and get a taste of what my life is like on the road.

Sway: I know you have a lot of friends, so it must have been tough for you to decide which friends would make the cut. How did you go about picking which friends made the show? Pauly: I’m telling you man, it was tough, but in the end I just took my closest friends. You’ll see my boys Big Jerry, Biggie and Ryan. We all used to work together at the club, so I just took them with me on the road.

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