CgOZZzvA 620x199 - 41st Annual ArtExpo New York April 4-7, 2019 @ArtexpoNewYork #artexpo

41st Annual ArtExpo New York April 4-7, 2019 @ArtexpoNewYork #artexpo

Redwood Media Group, the nation’s leader in exhibitions and event production, media, and marketing for the global fine art community, announces its highly anticipated Topics & Trends Education Program for the 41st Annual Artexpo New York.

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This year’s Education Program includes an extensive series of Topics & Trends seminars, moderated panel discussions and Art Talks, presented by today’s most influential pioneers from the arts industry, taking place on the show’s main Education Pavilion.

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Subjects and themes for 2019 include “Trending In Today’sArt World,” “Success Secrets of Amazing Fine Art Photographers,” “Copyright and Trademark Law,” “Origins of Inspiration,” “Art Law: Certificates of Authenticity and Limited Editions.” “Artist Fame and Fortune: Turning What You Love Into A Viable Career,” “Choosing A Career In The Arts,” “Art Licensing,” “Artist Fame and Fortune: Key Elements of Success,” and “Media Transections & Contemporary Photography Influences.”

“We are delighted to announce our exciting schedule for this year’s Topics & Trends Education Program during Artexpo New York,”

says Linda Mariano, Managing Director of Marketing for Redwood Media Group.

”Each year, we bring together some of the most prominent leaders in the industry, from established and emerging artists to fine art photographers, gallery owners, art dealers, collectors and consultants. This year’s subject matter is extremely eclectic and offers something for everyone, whether you’re a collector, emerging artist or simply have an interest in the latest trends. Our group of chosen experts will be highly engaging and always invite the audience to present their own personal challenges for discussion and resolution.”

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To celebrate 41 years of excellence in artArtexpo New York presents [TRANSFORM] as the curatorial theme for 2019 – examining the power of art, how it challenges the status quo, changes our perceptions, and pushes us to see ourselves and others from a new perspective. Through its power, art transforms.

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The Trade First Preview Reception will take place on Thursday, April 4th, between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., followed by the Opening Night Reception, at which all registered guests are welcome, taking place on Friday, April 5th, between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.
The following Topics & Trends Education Program schedule for Artexpo New York will take place at the show’s Education Pavilion.

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Wondering how to protect your creative work? What does a gallery owner need to do to ensure an artist’s works are authentic? Understand what copyrights and trademarks are and how to use them to protect creative works. Learn from Jay Landrum, an experienced art and copyright attorney, exactly what you need to know and actions to take. This seminar will cover what copyrights and trademarks are, example of use cases, why these protections are important, what types of uses are fair use and what is not allowed, registration requirements, and more.

Speaker: Jay Landrum / Attorney


In just five key questions, we’ll uncover the strategies and secrets behind the successful careers of three artists: Shima Shanti, Alexis Silk, and Jeffrey Bisaillon. From discussing when they realized art was going to be their career to recalling their first piece sold and why was it memorable, we’ll probe into the pasts of these artists to see what they have done in their careers that made a difference as well as explore their present-day career strategies and goals for the future. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about these award-winning, in-demand artists.

Moderator: Linda Mariano / Redwood Media Group

Panel: Shima Shanti / Peace Waters Fine Art; Alexis Silk / Alexis Silk Studio and Mattson’s Fine Art; Jeffrey Bisaillon / Jbis Art

Enjoy an interactive panel and conversation featuring a dynamic group of emerging, established artists and creative professionals, including Bob Clyatt, Giano Currie, Luca Bornoffi, and more. Moderated by Arte Collective founder and  curator Yubal Márquez Fleites, the group will discuss the personal journey that has lead each to the creation of their works. Topics will include following your passion, finding your muse, ideation of concepts, creative process, development and execution, storytelling and content development.

Moderator: Yubal Marquez Fleites / Arte Collective

Speakers: Bob Clyatt / Clyatt Sculpture; Giano Currie / Giano Currie Art; Luca Bornoff / Luca Bornoff Art



What exactly is a Certificate of Authenticity (COA), and why are they important? Why do you need it with every piece of art—no matter if you are the artist, a gallery, or a buyer? How can you determine if a COA is legitimate? Do limited editions need COAs? And what makes it a limited edition anyway? Jay Landrum, expert art law attorney with 20+ years of experience, will clarify the lingo, identify what’s legally required, and set you on the right course.

Speaker: Jay Landrum


Join Michael Joseph, an acclaimed, award-winning artist, who has amplified his artistic career by creating Artblend, a prosperous gallery business that supports and assists fellow artists in growing their careers. He’ll show you a proven marketing and exhibition plan—a strategic business model designed for artists to establish a long and successful career. The strategic plan is designed to help artists build a brand; nurture a long, sustaining career; add value; and increase artsales. If you are ready to enjoy more success, then this seminar is a must.

Speaker: Michael Joseph / Artblend


Looking for that perfect new piece to add to your collection? Searching for a new category to add revenue to your gallery’s bottom line? Need some “wow” to impress your clients? Join Yubal Marquez Fleites, Arte Collective owner; Michael Joseph, Artblend gallery owner; Bruce Adams, Santa Fean Magazine publisher; and Eric Smith, Redwood Media Group president, as they discuss today’s art scene, top trends, and collectible artists.

Moderator: Linda Mariano / Redwood Media Group

Speakers: Yubal Marquez Fleites / Arte Collective; Michael Joseph / Artblend Gallery; Bruce Adams / Santa Fean Magazine; Eric Smith / Redwood Media Group


In just five key questions, we’ll uncover the strategies and secrets behind the successful careers of an amazing group of fine art photographers: Richard Binhammer, Phil Carriere, Paul Christener, Patricia Gilman, Doug Munch, and Maddi Ring. From discussing when they realized photography was going to be their career to recalling their first piece sold and why was it memorable, we’ll probe into the pasts of these artists to see what they have done in their careers that made a difference, as well as explore their present-day career strategies and goals for the future. Don’t miss this opportunity to incorporate these successful photographers’ business approaches and tactics into your own art business.

Moderator: Linda Mariano

Panel: Richard Binhammer / Binhammer Photographs; Phil Carriere / Phil Carriere Photography; Paul Christener / Paul Christener Photography; Patricia Gilman / New York Center for Photographic Art; Doug Munch / Doug Munch Fine Art Photography; Maddi Ring / New York Center for Photographic Art



Choosing to create a career in the arts is never an easy decision. Crista Cloutier will explore the journey that all artists must travel when they take that jump. She’ll illustrate how you find your unique voice, develop it, and use it to create an authentic brand. She’ll talk about practice and the importance of devotion to craft and work. Cloutier will discuss the fears that all creatives battle, why experience should never be a stopping point, the value of being a lifelong learner, and the power that’s unleashed when artists honor their own journey. All attendees will be welcome to enter an exclusive drawing for free access to The Working Artist Masterclass along with a 90-minute one-on-one private strategy session with Cloutier (a $899 value).

Speaker: Crista Cloutier / Principal, The Working Artist


Licensing art—is it a viable extension of the artist’s work? What’s the potential impact of art licensing on your business as a whole? How do you decide if licensing is right for you? Whether you’re an artist, agent, publisher, manufacturer, or gallery owner, you need to understand the opportunities licensing can create and learn the inside scoop on common mistakes artists and agents make when they begin to license work. In this seminar, you’ll learn when licensing is appropriate, the upsides and downsides in deciding to license, what protections need to be put in place in every licensing agreement, and common pitfalls an inexperienced licensor may suffer. Sit and learn from attorney Jay Landrum, a seasoned expert with years of delving into the legal aspects of art licensing.

Speaker: Jay Landrum / Attorney


How did they do it? What was the turning point that turned their passion for art and creativity into a real business? Listen and learn from a distinguished panel ofart industry professionals as they guide you through the ups and downs and the importance of investing in your career and business. Award-winning artist and Artblend gallery owner Michael Joseph will moderate a panel including a photographer, an emergency room physician and artist, and an author and playwright. It’s your opportunity to hear about their feats—and get ideas for building your own success story!

Moderator: Michael Joseph / Artblend
Speakers: Allan McDonald / Photographer; James McCormick / Photographer / Physician; Meagan J. Meehan / Artist / Author / Playwright


In today’s world of advancing technologies, the human experience is unable to avoid the dominance and the influences. Join artist and fine arts professor Joan Pamboukes as she discusses her work exploring projects that transect human interactivity with the “screen” through video games, smartphones, and television. Look inside this award-winning artist and educator’s portfolios and learn her fascinating story and process as she explores the impact of the “Images that flash before us, mingling with personal memories and emotions, and influencing our state of mind.”

Speakers: Joan Pamboukes / Fine Arts Professor, New York Film Academy; David Mager / Photography Chairman, New York Film Academy
Since its launch in 2016, the Spotlight Program has continued to be a highlight of Artexpo New York’s programming and events. This year’s recipients are each exceptional, bringing their cutting-edge talent to the forefront.

Learn more at <> about the five amazing recipients who have been selected for this year’s Spotlight Program, including Anna Voloshko Sculptures from Kiev, Ukraine (Booth 1027), Josy Britton Fine Art from Ontario, Canada (Booth 400), [KUN:ST] International from Leonberg, Germany (Booth 155), New York Center for Photographic Art from New York (Booth 458) and Peace Waters Fine Art from San Diego, California (Booth 285)

The nation’s largest fine art marketplace moves to Pier 90, located at 711 12th Avenue in Manhattan, offering a compelling series of industry-focused conversations with a chance to meet some of today’s most successful talent from the art world.

Hosting an attendance of more than 35,000 avid art enthusiasts, Artexpo New York begins with Thursday’s Trade Day, fully devoted to the largest international gathering of more than 5,000+ art industry representatives and qualified trade buyers every year—including gallery owners and managers, art dealers, interior designers, architects, corporate art buyers, and art and framing retailers. Attendees will have an opportunity to browse thousands of innovative new works of artand enjoy education seminars, cocktail parties, and other special events. [SOLO] offers established and emerging independent artists the opportunity to showcase their work on an international stage. Since its inception, [SOLO] has become the ultimate venue for independent artists to be discovered—not only by gallery owners and art publishers, but also by collectors and enthusiasts. [FOTO SOLO] includes collections of fine art photography by some of the world’s most acclaimed independent photographers.

For further information on Artexpo New York or to purchase tickets, please visit

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