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4 Questions to Ask Yourself For Picking the Right Musical Instrument

Oh, music, it’s one of the best outlets for a person. A song can help reflect your thoughts, feelings, and what you’re going through. A good tune can help make you embrace love, help you work out, and feel pumped; it has such a strong effect on emotions too. Overall, music is strong; it’s the perfect way to get creative. It’s similar to painting, singing, writing, and more. Music is as old as time, and it’s definitely not going anywhere. And if you’re a beginner, maybe you want to channel music and an outlet for you, not just listening to it, but creating it. It all starts with the right musical instrument, really.


But in order to find the perfect musical instrument, it takes time; it takes a lot of research and searching. In order to save yourself time and money from trying multiple instruments, it’s best to find one and pick just that one. It’s better to ask yourself a series of questions so you can get lucky the first time. So, here are some very important questions to ask yourself when picking out the right instrument.

Why is it So Important to Be Selective with Your First Instrument?

Many musicians spend years trying out different instruments before finding one that resonates with their creativity. This is a big part of why it’s important to do some research before you decide on an instrument. Musical instruments are not cheap, and it is a waste of time and money to purchase an instrument that you do not enjoy playing. Playing an instrument that you love will help keep you motivated while learning. Some instruments require a significant amount of physical strength and stamina. This is especially true for woodwind and brass instruments as well as drums and double bass.

Do You Like the Sound?

It sounds fairly obvious, but it’s not just about the price or even the music you want to make. The sound itself is going to have great importance. If you don’t like the sound of a clarinet, then no matter what, you shouldn’t bother with getting it then.

Is it Cheap to Repair?

There are some instruments that are fairly easy and inexpensive to repair for yourself, such as buying parts of the guitar and fixing it yourself, while others, like the flute, can be more challenging to the point a professional needs to step in. Are you willing to fix your own instrument, or would you prefer to hire someone to fix it when it breaks?

Is it the Right Size?

As mentioned earlier, some instruments require a lot of stamina and strength. Is it something you’re okay dealing with? If you’re struggling with carrying it around, even just to play/practice, then it can get to the point where you’ll be full-on discouraged. Is this something that’s even a good idea? Even if you always dreamt of playing something heavy like a tuba, tenor sax, cello, or whatever, sometimes it’s better to just choose something smaller- at least at first.


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