311 Celebrate Veteran’s Day

311 fans are in for a real treat this Veteran’s Day, 11-11-11. Fans of the band can exclusively get a free mp3 download of their “311 LIVE FROM RED ROCKS 2011” show that they played on August 16, 2011. Those that choose to have a high-quality FLAC and Apple lossless version of the files can also get them for $14.95, to get the full enjoyment of the show in CD quality audio. Not only are the songs available for free but the cover art is alike. Fans can go to for the free downloads. 311 is also returning on the road this fall playing Mexico City, San Paulo Brazil and 10 U.S. shows. For shows and ticket info, fans can go to For fans that will be in Nevada this upcoming year, 311 will be performing in Las Vegas on March 11, 2012 and are sure to bring the crowd to their knees. If you haven’t had enough of 311 yet there are further news about the band and where else they will performing. 311 CRUISE 2012 will be beginning in Miami and residing in Half Moon Cay, which is a private island in the Bahamas, in May 2012. For more info on the cruise, persons interested can go to



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