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3 Ways You can Use Apps to Learn Fresh Skills and Meet Your New Year’s Targets

It’s about that time when your New Year’s resolutions are starting to fall by the wayside. Your daily gym commitment has slipped from weekly to monthly, and you find yourself looking longingly at recently-forbidden foods. This is common. The period just after the beginning of January and carrying into the end of February is the time when the all the good feeling and optimism that pushed you into the new year starts to peter out.

During this stretch of bleak winter, people find themselves falling back into the same habits, putting new hobby equipment into the attic, and consoling themselves with the thought that there’s always next year. But it is possible to overcome. In today’s world, technology is always on hand to assist you, and like the proverbial lever, it shall heft you from your post-revelry ditch.

Here we examine the three best apps for teaching you new skills and getting you back in gear, ready to take on 2017 with a smile.

Exercise apps

We all know that exercise can be of great benefit to body and soul. On the one hand, shedding those pesky pounds and carving a body you can be proud of is a wonderful achievement. On the other, the discipline, self-mastery and endorphin release will work out your mental state just as well.

So why don’t we do it?

Here’s where apps can really come in handy. Turning your run into a narrative quest can provide the intrigue and motivation that you need get up out of the couch, and apps like Zombies Run do just that. This is actually part of a broader trend called gamification, wherein the activity or task is transformed into a game, providing more incentive to the participant. Speaking of which…

Gaming Apps

Gaming can in fact be a great way of getting your brain in gear, and learning new processes has a proven benefit to your all-around smarts. With this in mind, it’s best to pick games that go above and beyond the basic Hop‘n’Bop template, and provide a real challenge for your mind.

And casino apps can be the perfect way of finding focus. The rules are complex, and the financial component raises the stakes to keep you interested. If you’re new to games like Texas Hold ‘em and multi-winline slots, sites like mFortune are a great way to hone your mobile casino skills, providing lots of opportunity for practice, from blackjack to bingo.

Diet Apps

One of the main concerns coming out of the festive season is our weight, or, more specifically, how to lose it. From calorie counting to protein-only diets, there are hundreds of tried and tested ways of slimming down– so many you might wonder why you need an app at all.

The best diet apps are, however, not intended as a replacement to whatever regime or training schedule you’ve decided on. Rather, they are there to provide some extra support: log your calories; count your steps; work out your daily carb allowance. Diet apps allow you to do all this and more.

So, whether you want to get fit or sharpen your mind, if you’re wondering whether there’s an app for that, the answer is probably yes.

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