3 Great Dog-Friendly Getaway Ideas

Going on vacation should be an experience of fun and relaxation, but too we end up on vacation thinking about our dogs at home who are stuck in a dog boarding kennels or cared for by a friend or even stranger. Now, more than ever before, there is an increasing number of travel destinations that allow dog owners to share their vacations with their pups. There are new hotels and travel programs that cater to dog owners that will make your next vacation stress-free and dog-friendly.

Austin: The Most Dog-Friendly City

If this is the first time you’re considering taking a vacation with your dog, Austin, Texas might be the best place to start. Austin is considered one of the most dog-friendly cities in America. This means that when you’re walking around Austin’s historic and art districts, you can bring your pet. There are numerous dog parks in Austin with beautiful Texas scenery that will delight you as well. Downtown, many restaurants and bars are dog-friendly, so you can bring your pet with you while you grab a few brews. Austin, Texas will have both you and your dog feeling rested and refreshed with its laid-back atmosphere and plenty of Southwestern charm.

Woofstock in Toronto: A Party for You and Your Pup

Looking for a getaway that is more dog-centered? Put Woofstock in Toronto, Canada on your list. Woofstock welcomes hundreds of thousands of dogs and their owners to eat, drink, and play a myriad of doggy games. Woofstock is equally fun for dogs and humans. Spend the day at the festival getting to know other dog owners and playing with your pup and then at night enjoy Toronto’s emergent dining and music scene. Woofstock is in June, so no worries about Canadian winters. This could be the most adorable vacation you ever take.

The Great Alaskan Wilderness

If you’ve ever dreamed about the dog-sledding in Alaska, considering booking a trip to visit for the Iditarod. The Iditarod is a dog race that occurs in the winter and stretches from Anchorage to Nome. Before you get worried, this trip doesn’t mean you have to run the race with your pup, although if you’re a professional musher you’re more than welcome. Come to Alaska to witness the race and let your dog enjoy the wild and awe-inspiring natural beauty. This trip is a big undertaking, so consider getting CBD supplements like Canna-Pet for your pet before the journey. This product is a hemp-based supplement formulated for pets to relieve them of anxiety, and it’s perfect for long travel days like a flight to Alaska.


If you’ve never taken a trip with your dog you’re truly missing out on a bonding experience. It extremely easy to find pet-friendly hotels and lodgings now, so don’t consider that an impediment to your next trip. Your next vacation can easily be human and dog-friendly. Your dog is there for you every day, they are your best friend. You should return this favor by bringing them on a vacation neither of you will ever forget.

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