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10 Great Places To Make Fellow Nerdy Friends

Finding people that openly share the same nerdy hobbies and interests isn’t always easy. While things like comics, gaming and anime have become a lot more mainstream in recent years, you may find that not everyone has quite as serious a passion as you.

So just where do you go to meet fellow nerds? Social media sites like Reddit and Twitter can be a good start, but you’ll only be interacting through a screen. If you’re looking to meet people in person, it’s worth considering other types of places. Below are just some of the best places to find fellow nerds.

Meetup sites

Meetup sites function a bit like dating sites, but they’re not just for finding a date – they’re typically designed more for finding friends. These include sites like Meetup, Yubo and Friender. Some of these sites allow you to search by interest and also have events advertised where you can meet people with certain interests. It’s worth signing up to these sites if you’ve been unable to meet people in your area that share the same interests – you may be surprised by how many people there are in your area that have the same passions as you.

Cosplay expos

Cosplay expos can be a great place to meet fellow nerds. Even if you don’t like dressing up (it’s worth giving it a go), such events are great for meeting comic book enthusiasts, fantasy fans, avid gamers and anime lovers. Some events are themed exclusively around cosplay, while others are themed around comic or video games. There are large events and small events that you can attend and they’re held throughout the year – consider looking online for upcoming events in your area.

Gaming cafes

Gaming cafes are starting to become more popular. As the name suggests, you get to eat and drink while playing video games. You can play alone or you can play with or against strangers, making it a great way to meet people. Such cafes may occasionally run competitions and events to do with gaming too, which could be a great opportunity to meet lots of fellow gamers. Unfortunately, not all towns have gaming cafes – you’re more likely to find them in larger towns and cities. If you’ve got one in your area and you love gaming, try heading along.

Video games tournaments

If you’re a serious gamer, why not consider taking part in a gaming tournament? Some gaming tournaments are exclusively online, but others are held in person. You don’t have to be a world-class pro to get involved – there are many local tournaments that are mostly for fun and you typically don’t have to pay a lot of money to enter. Even if you don’t win, they’re a great place to meet other serious gamers in person. Tournaments are typically centered around popular games franchises, but you can find some more alternative ones.

Board game groups

Love board games? Many towns and cities have local board games groups in which members meet up once per week or once per month simply to play board games. Some clubs are set up around specific games like chess or Dungeons and Dragons, while other groups may play a range of games. These can be a great opportunity to meet board game nerds. You may even be able to arrange your own board game nights outside of the club. See if you can find any clubs in your area and try heading along for a night.

Book clubs

Book clubs can be great opportunities to meet fellow bookworms. Each week or month, you all decide on a new book to read and then you all get to talk about it at the next meeting. Some book clubs are centered around specific genres like fantasy or crime, while others explore all kinds of genres. Such clubs could be a great opportunity to make nerdy friends of all ages. You can find local book clubs advertised online. They are typically held at independent bookstores and libraries, so consider enquiring in these places too.

Film clubs

If you’re a movie buff, it could be worth joining a film club. These are opportunities to watch movies with other people – in many cases, non-mainstream film titles or cult classics. Going along to these clubs, you’ll get to experience new movies you may never have considered viewing before. They could also be an opportunity to meet fellow film buffs. In fact, some film clubs offer a social get-together afterwards to talk about the film. Such clubs are typically held in independent cinemas or bars. Look online to see if there are any film clubs locally to you.

Niche concerts

Do you love classical music? Big fan of jazz? Or perhaps you’re into really obscure electronica? Don’t be afraid to go along to a concert alone. Concerts in local and intimate venues can be a great opportunity to meet new people. There’s often an opportunity to speak to people before and after the event. You’ll be able to talk about music with other people and you may find that you’re able to make new friends. Check out local music venues in your area online and see what they offer.

Local courses/classes

Studying doesn’t have to end when you finish school. Whether you want to learn how to code or pick up a new language, there are lots of local courses and classes that you can look into. These could be a great place to meet people with similar nerdy passions, while also obtaining credentials and expertise. You can find such courses and classes. Check out how much the fees are and whether there are any requirements that you need to meet before joining.

Nerdy nights out

There are a growing number of alternative nights out being offered by bars, clubs and societies that are aimed at nerds. These can also be great opportunities to meet fellow nerdy friends. You may be able to find these advertised on meetup sites. Alternative clubs may also advertise them. Examples include board game nights, nerdy trivia quizzes and cosplay nights.

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